AniManGaki Online is a great First Attempt

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Malaysia is handling the global pandemic well, especially under the command of Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Noor Hisham bin Abdullah. AniManGaki continues to please its supporters by shifting its annual convention online. Despite a few technical issues here and there, it’s largely a success with over 25 thousand Facebook stream views. Peaking at 12,000 views for a single stream on Facebook, it still manages to bring in half of its usual attendance despite an unfamiliar and abrupt shift in platforms.

The Ever-Entertaining Hosts

Local Talents GG Twins and Syauqi Dante Jamil made a return to host this year’s AniManGaki. They were constantly entertaining audiences with their quick wit and charismatic chemistry. Their familiarity with AniManGaki certainly helped make the online experience smoother. Therefore, being welcomed to the Stream by them was certainly a factor in keeping viewers engaged.

Not their first Rodeo: This snippet was taken from AniManGaki’s 2019 hosts’ trailer

Rewarding Audiences with Lucky Draws

Being hosted 100% online for the first time, AniManGaki is still working out the tweaks to capture their offline charm they present to their attendees. For example, they couldn’t shift the booth sticker system to an online format due to time and technical constraints, much to AMG founder Yvonne Sing’s disappointment. They did, however, implement a clever lucky draw system to reward audiences. Viewers could get lucky draw entries by performing a variety of simple tasks. Hosting Facebook watch parties, unscrambling codes hidden throughout live streams, and shopping could earn you lucky draw chances to prizes worth up to 500 Ringgit! In fact, you can still shop from AniManGaki vendors up ’til August 28. Hurry!! Save your lucky draw entries for the upcoming Lucky Draw event happening August 30. Check out this article to find out how!

A Variety of Entertaining Shows and Performances

The free-to-view approach gave way to large audiences to appreciate performances by talented artists, both local and international. Despite being disconnected physically, AMG managed to acquire various talents to create content exclusive to AMG’s page. Among them were local talents Brightburn, who performed a medley of high-octane anime songs. Fan-favorites Stroberitea and Patriots also had performances. In terms of international talent, Shino Shimazaki had a very engaging setlist lined up exclusively for AMG.

brightburn malaysia
Brightburn set the online stage alight with their fiery performance

Aside from that, we also got insightful panels from multiple icons. Representatives from Metronomik gave an insightful talk on bringing their art to life for their upcoming game, No Straight Roads. Aside from that, we also got entertaining art streams from multiple talents. Among them was Nishii Terumi who worked on the set of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In addition to showing off her amazing art skills, she also answered some questions from Twitter.

Hosting Online Video Game Tournaments

Members of the Fighting Game Community (FGC) were also given an online format to compete. Soul Calibur 6, GranBlue Fantasy VS, and Tekken 7 all had online tournaments.

Below are the list of winners for Soul Calibur, GranBlue and Tekken respectively:

Soul Calibur Animangaki standings
Top 8 for Soul Calibur 6


gbvs amg
Top 8 for GranBlue Fantasy Versus


tekken 7 animangaki top 8
Top 8 for Tekken 7

Source: DR. Fierce (Twitch Link) Farouk Alshahab

Tournament overseer DR. Fierce had this to say:

“…It was an overall smooth experience mostly in regards to how the registrants were attentive during the tournament. Online tournaments might be the new normal for a while but I personally hope that we will get back to offline events and tournaments, of course, when its safe to.”

You can watch the VODs of SoulCal and GBVS on DR. Fierce’s Twitch Channel. If you’re more of a Tekken guy, head on over to Infinite Carnage’s Twitch Channel.

While a lot of us miss the hype of offline experiences, we applaud the INC and AMG team for successfully pulling off their online events. We look forward to more events in the future!

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