AniManGaki Online: The Complete Guide!

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AniManGaki is taking an innovative step to host its annual convention this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To ensure the safety of its participants and guests, it has shifted entirely to an online platform. Video Game Tournaments, Art and Cosplay competitions and concerts will all be hosted online via live streams. This way, everyone gets to have a good time in the safety of their own home. Before we kick the guide off, our readers should be aware of this fake event page!

animangaki online scam
Image Source: AniManGaki Official FB page

AniManGaki this year will be emceed by Syauqi Dante Jamil and the GG Twins Ash and Iqi. You can catch their hosting on AniManGaki’s Facebook and YouTube Livestream this 21-23 August 2020. Without further ado, here’s the complete guide on how you can fully enjoy AniManGaki 2020 Online.

animangaki 2020
Familiar faces? Catch AMG’s stunning

Know What You Want to Be Part Of!

Firstly, just like any convention, it’s almost physically impossible to be a part of everything. Even if you managed to, you risk encountering fatigue and tampering the enjoyment. Hence, it’s important for you to get an overview of everything AniManGaki has to offer. Visit their official website for the full list. Links will be provided at the end of the article.

There will be a variety of streamed entertainment, ranging from local to international talents doing art, concerts, panels, and so much more! Here’s a small glimpse of what’s provided:


  • Metronomik – No Straight Roads
  • Malaysian Touhou Brigade – Touhou Project 101
  • Behind the Scene: Gempak Starz
  • MY Comics Community – East Meets West Art Jam
  • Kendylife & VomitThunder – Draw From Memory
  • Nishii Terumii & NaSka – Watch Me Draw While I Answer Your Questions
  • Manga Planet – Let’s Talk About the Manga Industry in Japan


  • DRUMSTICK -桿子-
  • 月宵◇クレシェンテ Luna◇Crescente
  • Shino Shimazaki
  • KAO=S
  • Brightburn
  • 暖爐 -Stove- & Re:TurN-Circus-
  • Lynne Hobday
  • Patriots
  • Chloe (skit)
  • Liliana Vampiana


  • Balloon Sculpting ft. Supa Dupa Circus
  • Origami Segment ft. Malaysia Origami Association


  • Quiplash2 Session
  • Anime Trivia Game Show
  • Claw Machine Challenge with PLAY UNITED!
  • The Magic Rain – Legends of Runeterra Tournament

After Party

  • Taiwan – ACGMIX & Ani-Mode
  • Singapore – mishisyaro

If you don’t mind waiting, the full event schedule and list should be announced tomorrow (August 20, 2020) by 12 p.m. or 6 p.m., though this time is subject to change.

**UPDATE – Schedule is now live!**

Once you’ve identified your “must-attend” activities and events, take note of their timings and plan out accordingly! Since everything will be available via live stream, the process will be much easier, but you’ll still want some break time to rest your eyes and for food and toilet breaks. Or you could be nasty and bring your phone to the toilet.

Lucky Draws

A staple of any AniManGaki convention, lucky draws will also be present in AniManGaki Online. Here’s how you can earn lucky draw entries,

  1. Host a Facebook Watch Party with your friends when AniManGaki goes live.
  2. Unscramble the secret word hidden in the AniManGaki livestream (limited to once per livestream day).
  3. Shop at AniManGaki’s Art Marketplace, Exhibitors and AMG Shop. Shoppers get an entry for each RM25 spent online.

Submit your screenshots to this landing page. Look for the orange “SUBMIT HERE” button. Good luck! If you have doubts about clicking a random hyperlink from a shady website; you’re pretty smart. Head on over to AniManGaki’s official Facebook page for more clarification. Now, onto other details!

How to Shop @ AniManGaki Online?

You can find your favorite cosplay/artist shops or discover new ones via AniManGaki’s online directory. Worried about suspicious links? We’ll link you to the original Facebook post down below.

Purchasing from AniManGaki vendors will be via FamsyMall website. Shoppers will need to make a FamsyMall account beforehand to make purchases. It may sound like a hassle, but trust us, this is one of the best ways you can support your favorite creators!

The flow is as so:

** Shoppers must have a FamsyMall account to make purchases

  1. Firstly, head over to AniManGaki’s Online Directory to find vendors
  2. Then, Click on your desired vendor to be redirected to their FamsyMall page
  3. After that, select your desired items and make your purchase
  4. Finally, don’t forget to save your receipts for the Lucky Draw 😉

** Please note that the Marketplace will be open until the 28th of August, and purchases will only be shipped from FamsyMall after then. There’s no sugarcoating the fact; The entire process may take anytime between two to three weeks.

animangaki vendors

How to Vote for your Favorite Artists/ Cosplayers

AniManGaki Online is currently in the final phases of its cosplay and art competitions. To vote for your favorite artists and contestants, cast your vote by “liking” your contestants’ posts on AMG’s official Facebook page.

For your convenience, you can find the links to specific competitions on AMG’s official website.

Once you’ve clicked on a specific competition, proceed to head to the re-directory link to AMG’s Facebook page and “Like” your favorite contestant(s)’ entry!

amg 2020
Clicking on the link will redirect you to the voting posts!

Important Links

And that concludes our guide to the first ever AniManGaki Online! Below are the promised links.


Online Directory:

Competition Voting links: (under AniManGaki Online tab)

Fighting Game Tournament Registration:
**These will be hosted in an online format. For more information you can contact INC organizer Soo Sze Woei (Leon) at 016-3200 577

Lucky Draw:

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