The New COD Mobile 10 vs 10 Mode is Chaotic Fun

by Daniel
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Call of Duty: Mobile further pleases fans with it’s newly implemented COD Mobile 10 vs 10 game modes update. The mode is currently accessible via the Featured Tab and will continue to be available up until September 4. Players can now experience Team Deathmatch and Dominations on a grander scale.

cod mobile 10 vs 10

In TDM and DOM, players are now pitted against each other more frequently despite the size of the map. TDM pits players together in a near mindless bout in a race to achieve a set target score. After death, they respawn near other teammates. DOM requires players to capture points on the map to accumulate a target score. In this mode, players will respawn at designated points to maintain tactics-based positioning.

cod mobile 10 vs 10

In TDM, the score limit is now 100 instead of the usual 40/50. Meltdown, Takeoff, and Crossfire will serve as the proving grounds for the updated 10 vs 10 modes. As these modes are a limited feature, players must be randomly assorted and cannot choose the modes or maps. DOM largely retains its original format aside from its updated COD mobile 10 vs 10 team composition.

cod mobile 10 vs 10

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