Introducing the Members of the Brand New Yoodo Gank 2021 Roster

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Yoodo Gank has officially locked in the members of their new 2021 PUBG Mobile roster. The new lineup is a mixture of familiar and fresh faces from the PUBG Mobile scene. As of February 2021, the new Yoodo Gank PUBG Mobile roster consists of members Manparang, DRAXX, Wrydep, Bravo and Putra. Here’s a closer look at each member and their roles.

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Yoodo Gank PUBG Mobile 2021 Roster

yoodo gank manparang 2021


The Gank Veteran, Aiman Amirul, or better known as “Manparang” has been with Yoodo Gank since its debut in 2019. Over the course of two years he has participated in numerous A-Tier tournaments and brought about great success as Gank’s IGL. In 2021, he reprises his role as the team Scout and In-Game Leader.

yoodo gank draxx 2021


Azim Ikromi, professionally known as “DRAXX”, is one of the original members of Yoodo Gank. He has been a member since 2018, and has contributed significantly with his Sniper role. He will play the role of Gank’s Fragger in the 2021 lineup.

yoodo gank bravo


Hakim “Bravo” Saddar is a professional PUBG Mobile player transferring from Dingo MZ. Extremely skilled and merciless, he obtained numerous “Terminator” acknowledgements in PMPL Season 2 and was Number 6 in the PMPL Season 2 Final. He will fill in the role as Gank’s Rusher.

wrydep dev pubg mobile


One of the new faces of Yoodo Gank, not much is known about Azim Haris Mohd Puhatdi who formerly went by “Dev”. Despite being only 16 years of age, he was the 1st Runner Up of PMNC 2020 amidst other achievements. We have high expectations for Yoodo Gank’s young Rusher who hails from Melaka.

putra yoodo gank


Last but not least, Putra is another one of the new members of Yoodo Gank. Full name Faizul Iskandar Putra bin Muazamshah, he is transferring from Team SMG Malaysia. He achieved the Week 1 Terminator award during September 2020’s PMPL event. In Yoodo Gank, Putra plays the Support role.

And that’s the updated 2021 members roster of the #ONEANDONLEH Yoodo Gank! SEAGM is proud to be working with them and will be keeping a close eye on their performance going forward. For more on PUBG Mobile Esports, stay tuned to SEAGM News!

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