That Son Of A B**** Teemo has made his way to Wild Rift Patch 2.0

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We all knew he was coming. His adorable appearance in the “You Really Got Me” trailer may have swooned audiences, but the veterans of League of Legends knew that dark times are approaching; and now they are finally here. Teemo, alongside four other champions are now officially a part of League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.0.

teemo wild rift 2.0

New Champions in Wild Rift Patch 2.0

As aforementioned, Teemo isn’t the only new addition to Wild Rift’s Champion roster. Here’s the full list:

  • Corki – Marksman
  • Kennen – Mage
  • Lulu – Support
  • Tristana – Marksman
  • Spawn of Satan (Teemo) – Marksman

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Wild Rift Now Has New Skins!

Additionally, a whole new bundle of skins are now in the game. Additions such as the “Star Guardians” set to individually unique skins like “Sad Robot Amumu” are now in the game. Not to mention, Teemo will also be getting his “Little Devil” skin, which is reflective of his true nature.

  • Sad Robot Amumu
  • Urfrider Corki
  • Arcade Corki
  • Star Guardian Janna
  • Star Guardian Jinx
  • Arctic Ops Kennen
  • Star Guardian Lulu
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu
  • Star Guardian Lux
  • Cottontail Teemo
  • Guerilla Tristana
  • Arclight Varus
  • Little Devil Teemo
  • Little Demon Tristana
  • Wicked Lulu
  • Super Kennen
  • Star Guardian Ezreal

For more on Wild Rift, stay tuned to SEAGM News!

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