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It’s a brand new year, and a new season approaches! PUBG Mobile Season 17 is almost here, and we’ve got something special lined up for you here at SEAGM. Here, we talk about the expected Royale Pass from the latest season. We’ll even throw in a special promo as well! So read on.

PUBG Mobile Season 17

Ranking in as 2020’s 4th most downloaded game, PUBG Mobile has a new season coming up. And with every season, leaks all over the internet of things (IOT). There are all sorts of leaks, from all sorts of places, but here’s what we found on Season 17’s Royale Pass. We’re going to keep it short and sweet here:

Royale Pass Rewards

  • Diamond-tier M416 gun skin
  • Galaxy Parachute Skin
  • Galaxy Keyring Ornament
  • Season 17 Royale Pass Outfit
  • Fighter AUG/M249 gun skin
  • Grand Outfit Skin
  • Snowman Alert grenade skin
  • Pan Skin

There are also rumours about new bundles and new skins for your Dacia ride, and some guns, but only time will tell if these will come to fruition or not. Either way, Season 17 of PUBG Mobile releases on the 19th of January,  a mere stone’s throw away. So hang on to your hats!


Season 17’s rewards are definitely enticing, and it’s always a good idea to get your PUBG Mobile UC’s early to avoid any delays. Speaking of early, SEAGM is having a PUBG Mobile UC sale happening right now! We’re going to exaggerate on the RIGHT NOW, as we’ve already stated that it’s always better to get your UC’s early! And now’s the time! 

PUBG Mobile UC Sale is happening right now on SEAGM!

Get your discounted PUBG Mobile UC here:

PUBG Mobile UC (Global) –

With that said, to conclude, we’ve only got one question for all of you; Are you ready for PUBG Mobile Season 17? The discounted UC is now available. The only thing left to do, is to go right now, and stock up on your UC’s!

P/S: You’re welcome 😉

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