What do you spend your Mobile Legends Diamonds on?

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Don’t we all just love it when you’ve got a fresh load of Mobile Legends Diamonds in your account? And then, with that limited amount of diamonds, you’re torn on making decisions. Where do we spend all of these? 

Not to worry. We at SEAGM will give you a rough idea. First of all, let’s take a look at how people are spending them based on a poll:

Based on this poll that was done on a forum, it seems that everyone is crazy over skins in comparison to heroes. Surprising isn’t it? Another thing to note is that people are spend the least on the Magic Wheel. What follows after Skin purchases, are Hero purchases. 

If you were to place an assumption, it’s actually no surprise. There are more skins than heroes. People tend to focus on a FEW heroes (most of the time, 1 or 2), and practice using these heroes for a good couple of months to possibly years! 

In the meantime, whatever diamond mobile legend that are earned (or bought) are used to dress up your favorite / chosen hero!

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With that aside, let’s not forget the other players who actually purchase heroes. It is the second most purchased after all right? Now, before you call these people out for buying heroes, instead of dressing them up – hold on! There’s a logical reason here. There are people out there (author included) that buy different heroes to try them out, and see if it’s a fit. Once they’ve found a hero that they can get used to, that’s when the skins come into play!

However, it does leave us with one question, what do YOU prefer? Do you feel the same as the other voters and mainly spend on skins?

Anyways, if you’re looking for the best place to buy Diamonds and up your game, do check out SEAGM.com. It’s easy to get your them from SEAGM. Here’s how:

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You can thank us later!

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