Malaysia Loves PUBG M – What about the world?

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Before we jump into other countries, let’s iron this out. Malaysia loves PUBG M, followed by Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Fullstop. Am I right? I mean the game is free! Just take a look around you during lunch time, and you’ll see a wave of people playing these two titles on their phones. 


Sure we know what’s popular here, but have you ever wondered what’s popular around the globe? SEAGM takes a deeper look into the most popular games in other countries!


Looks like Malaysia isn’t the only one in love with the sandbox shooter. You might be surprised, or you might not be, but at the top of China’s list of mobile games for 2019 was… PUBG M. That’s right. Not Mobile Legends, but PUB… freaking… G. M. This year though, we’re seeing a spike in Rise of Kingdoms. 


Thailand seems to stand out a little bit, with Garena Free Fire being their top grossing app for Android, and Garena ROV (aka Realm of Valor / Arena of Valor) . If you’re not familiar with Garena Free Fire, it’s a  mobile battle royale game, consisting of up to fifty players falling from a parachute on an island in search of weapons… Well, essentially PUBG M. Only difference being the ability to customize your character with cosmetics and abilities like faster health generation, quicker reload time, etc. AND, it has less players (50). Which one’s better? You decide.


Indonesia shares the same kind of love for PUBG M, topping the charts for the Apple App Store, and Garena Free Fire on the Play Store. It’s a double edged sword, but it brings up a question. With Indonesia’s EVOS Legends being crowned as the first ever Mobile Legends (MLBB) champions, where does MLBB stand in the list? 6th on the Apple Store, and 3rd in the Google Play Store. Interesting…


Singaporean mobile gamer unite, as both platforms place Rise of Kingdoms on the podium, with Mobile Legends at a close 2nd. Rise of Kingdoms, again? Now this is a title that is slowly building some steam. How many of you are playing Rise of Kingdoms? Let us know in the comments section below. 


PUBG M. On both, Apple App Store and Play Store. Similar to China, India is a country with a huge population. It’s a phenomenon that has taken India by storm. PUBG has become synonymous with the mobile gaming category in India. Such is the awareness of PUBG M, that people are 25x as likely to search PUBG M directly than searching for mobile games. Imagine what their servers are like? Shouldn’t take that long to get a game right?


Just as crazy Malaysians are over PUBG M, Philippines is crazy about Mobile Legends. MLBB tops both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. World of Dragon Nest is second. Now if you thought you’ve heard that title before, that’s because World of Dragon Nest used to be a huge PC game, now available on mobile. And the Philippines loves it!

There are so many countries still, but these are the ones that SEAGM currently has for you. Now we know that Malaysia loves PUBG M and so does other countries. Got a country you want us to check out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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