SEAGM Fun Facts: PUBG Helmet

by Raymond Foo
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Whether you’ve played PUBG, or whether you watch / heard / want to get into it, surely you’ve seen it everywhere. It’s that PUBG helmet. Yes, the one that’s on the poster. You know which one I’m talking about…

PUBG Helmet
PUBG Helmet (Source:

Yes. That helmet. It’s powerful. Definitely. It can save you from sniper headshots. Sure. When you look at it, it just screams PUBG! But what else is there to this “Helmet”? SEAGM scours the internet, looking for some facts, and here’s what we found:

Level 3 Equip: PUBG Helmet

It’s called the Spetsnaz Helmet – Level 3, and of course, it’s a level 3 piece of equipment. It is one of the strongest PUBG items available in-game, and it has saved countless players from those terrible campers… I mean “snipers”, from their devastating headshots. But you already knew that right?

Despite what everyone assumes it to look like, *AHEM – A mechanics mask*, it is definitely not. If one were to guess from the “Spetsnaz” word in its name, it’s actually a Russian term., which means that its real life counterpart should be a Russian thing right? 

Yes. It is indeed a Russian piece of military equipment, with Spetsnaz meaning special forces. Interesting right? Now you know the story behind this “Helmet”. 

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We’ll see you at Erangel, or Miramar, or Vikendi, or …

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