The Top 5 Best Plays from Week 6 of Garena Free Fire MCP Majors – League Circuit

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Let’s talk about Garena Free Fire MCP Majors. precisely Season 1’s League Circuit, which just concluded on the 7th of March. 12 teams qualified for the Grand Finals. Who are the teams? More importantly, what were the best moments from week 6?

Free Fire MCP Majors – League Circuit

While Garena Free Fire goes through it’s Willful Wonder Elite Pass, the final week of Free Fire Majors – League stages was quite a tough one, with players battling it out for a spot at the Grand Finals. It featured 18 teams made up of the top 6 from the Tri Nation cup, and top 12 from the qualifier finals.

The teams who were competing in MCP Majors – League Circuit | Source:

All teams were competing against each other in a format which involved 12 match days, over 6 weekends. The teams were split into 3 groups consisting of 6 teams each, where every group played against each other.

The Top 5 Best Plays from Week 6 of Garena Free Fire MCP Majors – League Circuit

Source: Free Fire Malaysia Official Youtube Channel

Week 6 saw quite a number of fantastic plays, starting with Auto Knockouts 3 man squad, completely flanking and wiping out WEWS. Then there’s STP Son of a Gun taking on Divinity, and VPH Velocity’s Pugnaaa pulling off a beautiful jumping shot off a rock. At number 2 is AV Ligers Jeboywaah taking out the whole of Do Easy with a grenade, and a rush. Lastly, with the best play of all, is Malaysia’s own Miruls from STP Son of a Gun with his quick thinking to get the Booyah!

Week 6 also saw VPH Velocity’s Retoohs as MVP!

League Stage Week 6 MVP – Retoohs | Source: Garena Free Fire Facebook Page

MCP Majors Season 1 – Grand Finals

Out of the 18 teams competing, the Top 12 qualified for the Grand Finals, which will be held later this month on the 20th of March. Moving on to the finals, we will see:

  • Baby Argon (who came up on top during League)
  • Freedom Rumble
  • AV Ligers
  • Steady Squad
  • Do Easy
  • Geek Fam
  • Auto Knockout
  • Divinity ESports
  • VPH Velocity
  • Supreme Assault Forces
  • Fast Kill
  • WEWS

Congratulations to all teams, And we’re excited to see what happens in the finals later this month. Stay tuned!

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