Willful Wonders is an Alice in Wonderland inspired Elite Pass for Free Fire

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Willful Wonders is Garena Free Fire’s new Elite Pass for season 34, and it’s heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Apart from two new bundles, there will also be skins coming along with it. We take a look at what it has in store for you.

Willful Wonders Elite Pass

Riding on Project Cobra, is Season 34’s Elite Pass. While it draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, the story behind it is far less compared to what Alice does in the original fairytale. It tells the story of two famous detectives, named Mads and Alisha, who are tasked with discovering the motive behind a robbery at a prestigious museum filled with valuable pieces of history. When it’s realised that nothing was really “stolen”, it then turns to a question of “why?”. 


Still trying to absorb the story behind this Elite Pass, let’s move onto the price. Now there are two to choose from:

  • Elite Pass – 500 Diamonds
  • Elite Bundle – 900 Diamonds

The difference between both is that the Elite Bundle offers extra perks, and is “cosmetically” superior. 

Elite Pass Willful Wonders Rewards

There are two bundles, the Curious Hatter and the Willful Dame Bundles. On top of that, there are additional rewards that can be obtained as well:

  • Wonderbox Backpack Skin
  • Curious Tophat Box Skin
  • Bunny Countdown Grenade Skin
  • The Hearts Royals Surfboard Skin
  • Willful Wonders Skin for the M1873
Source: Free Fire Malaysia Youtube Channel

With that being said, are you ready to journey down the rabbit hole in season 34’s Willful Wonders Elite Pass? If you are, then get your Free Fire Diamond for cheap on SEAGM, and all the best. Don’t forget to purchase your Elite Passes early so you have more time to obtain everything! 

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