Get TQ Cards for Heroes Evolved, Now Available at SEAGM!

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Heroes Evolved recently held an Asian server tournament in November, which. Heroes Evolved is a 5-versus-5 MOBA for mobile devices, powered by TQ Cards. It currently has over 10-million installs on Google Play and has over 1.3k ratings on the App Store. It also receives regular updates, such as their latest Thanksgiving Gift Pack event.

Aside from the login events, there are also tournaments for both the community and the professionals to take part in.

heroes evolved tq card

[AD] Like any free-to-play MOBA, Heroes Evolved features a diverse showcase of enticing skins. You can get these exotic skins for the game with TQ Cards, purchasable at great rates at SEAGM.

Heroes Evolved is an innovative action game integrating MOBA and RPG elements. Since its release, it is popular for its intense graphics and diverse cast of characters. Likewise, the Hero roster currently has over 100 Heroes, each with their own unique skills and roles.

The World Championship will begin sometime in December, and will involve the America, Europe and Asia regions. For more details, join their Facebook community in the links below.

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