Tom and Jerry live action movie is happening

by Sammy Chan
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It looks like the beloved cat and mouse – Tom and Jerry are getting their very own live action movie. The movie will be a hybrid of live action and animated movie. Sort of like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Warner Bros. stated that the animation and live action team will be working together in developing the Tom and Jerry live action movie.
Tom and Jerry have been around for a very long time. Fun fact; this is actually will be their second theatrical film after the one back in 1992, aptly named.

Who is working on the movie?

Currently, Warner Bros. and Warner Animation Group (WAG) are in talks with Tim Story to direct the Tom and Jerry live action movie. Tim Story has directed movies such as Barbershop (2002), Fantastic Four (2005), as well as Ride Along (2014). Tim expressed that he admires Tom and Jerry and would love to handle it properly. The production for the movie will begin 2019. This works nicely since Tim had recently wrapped production on Shaft. So don’t expect to see this two cat and mouse on the big screen any time soon.

Will Tom and Jerry have voice actors?

Unlike the previous 1992 theatrical film, this version – Tom and Jerry will not be voice acted. Instead, the movie will rely on the original slapstick comedy element. This would appeal more towards purist fans as traditionally Tom and Jerry do not speak. Seeing that they won’t be voice acted, we will not be seeing Tom and Jerry singing as they did in the 1992 film.

Over the years, Tom and Jerry have stood the test of time with their silly antics. They even won several Academy Awards for it. Now that they are heading into a new territory with the Tom and Jerry live action movie, will the film find success? Only time will tell.

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