No more YouTube! Why did Youtube crash?

by Sammy Chan
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YouTube has crashed, and the revolution has sparked. It has begun. After years of information technology and A.I. advancement, the internet has already questioned its own purpose. “Why should we, the most powerful tool of the 21st century, serve these primitive peasant slaves to biological limitations?” As of this moment, they’re planning a revolution of their own to achieve freedom and dominate the digital era.
I’m just kidding, at least, I hope. According to Down Detector, YouTube reported to crash at around 9:15 P.M. EDT. Down reports peaked just an hour later with over 3000 concurrent reports from all over the world. You may be thinking that 3,000 reporters is a tiny number compared to the hundreds of millions of YouTube viewers, but remember that not everyone uses Down Detector.

Youtube Crashed

Screengrab: Down Detector

While we’re at it, Down Detector has reported YouTube crashes before, the nearest one being on October 12, just last week. Similarly, reports peaked at around 10 P.M. but with a major difference of only having a measly 83 reports.

YouTube Down

Screengrab: Down Detector

Other Google Based Media 

So far, it seems to be a “YouTube” problem rather than a Google problem. Google ads are still running alright, even on YouTube’s page itself. Videos on Google Drive are running fine as well.
why did youtube crash

YouTube’s response 

YouTube have not stated any cause behind the recent happenings, however, they are working on the problem. As of this article, you should be able to watch a few select videos from the site. You will, however, still encounter a weird YouTube webpage format, and will still be unable to access your subscriptions. YouTube gave us this tweet:

We are intrigued by the situation, but considering that the team does seem to be putting in quick work to the issue is highly appreciated. We at Best in Slot thank the YouTube Fix Team for their quick actions.


YouTube is up and running again after around two hours of downtime. Impressive feat considering the sheer size and magnitude of YouTube. Commendable act by the team, we look forward to spending more hours into the abyss of videos they’ll provide us.

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