Nintendo 64 Classic in the making? [Rumor/Opinion]

by Sammy Chan
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Nintendo first choked us out with the NES Classic. Not long after, we were pleasantly surprised with the SNES Classic. Then Sony decided to board the milk train and announced the PlayStation Classic. Now, rumors of a Nintendo 64 classic are circulating twitter. Screens of the supposed ‘Classic’ model were posted by twitter user Nacho & Pistacho (@nachoypistacho). He claims to have gotten it from his source that ‘cannot be revealed’. Given the huge successes of the NES and SNES Classic it’s not impossible that this is the next step for Nintendo.

I think it needs to stop

Some have even gone as far as making an N64 into a Nintendo Switch dock. Though, for now, there is simply not enough solid evidence to hammer nails into any conclusions yet. For now, catch a glimpse of these off-screen pictures of the product. With its weird angles, it’s impossible to actually distinguish if it’s of ‘classic’ miniature size.


It is pretty underwhelming, but it’s still something.

What’re your thoughts on the product? Should it be true, is it an instant purchase? Or have you had enough out of corporations milking out your nostalgia? I personally find the PlayStation Classic to be utter garbage and a complete waste of money. Streamers may enjoy as it provides a much more convenient means of streaming the classic hits of the 90’s, but like c’mon. It’s nothing more than beating a dead horse, through and through from the company’s end. I suppose it could be cool at parties though, but ultimately, to be completely frank and honest with you, it’s just unnecessary air-polluting manufacturing.
Of course, this is just my opinion when it comes to these “Classic” edition consoles. What is your stance on the issue?
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