They Are Billions The Six Wonders helps improve late game

by Sammy Chan
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The game that blew up big time, especially Twitch, is back with another game-changing update! Numantian Games is introducing new buildings alongside new feature and some balancing tweaks. Let’s take a look at the They Are Billions Update 0.8. You can also check out the trailer featuring The Six Wonders above! Still curious about the game? Check out the review here.

The Six Wonders

The intention of these new buildings is to help you survive better in the late game. Just as their name would suggest, each colony can only build one Wonder at a time. To even get one up, requires a humongous amount of effort since they are really expensive. You will have to put lots of resource into researching it and then another big chunk to build it. Choose carefully which suits your colony the most! Here’s the list of all of the wonders and their effect:

The Lightning Spire

It’s basically a huge Tesla Tower that extends the power supply of your colony.

  • Energy Supply: +800
  • Energy Transfer Radius: 30
  • Victory Points: +1500

The Atlas Transmuter

A giant metal ball that transmuting common materials into precious oil!

  • Oil Supply: +40 (via transmuting 20 wood, 20 stone, and 10 iron).
  • Victory Points: +2000

The Victorious

A beacon of hope and courage represent the victory of humanity.

  • Colonist Hope: +20% gold generation for surrounding dwellings.
  • Unbreakable: Defenses Life 8000, Armor 10.
  • Victory Points: +2000

The Academy of Immortals

An academy housing famous heroes that train your army.

  • All army units and new units instantly become veterans.
  • Victory points: +1000

The Crystal Palace

An architectural wonder that generates its own climate control environment!

  • Food Supply: +800 on any terrain.
  • Victory Points: +1500

The Silent Beholder

An add-on installed on top of the Command Center.

  • Reveals all the map and enemies permanently.
  • Victory Points: +1500

New Features

Finally, in this patch, features that were promised in the previous patch note has been included. There’s now a Flat Mode (F4), World Capture (F10), 30 new Mayors, Italian language and new balancing tweaks. The Flat Mode is pretty much my favorite thing about this update because of how it lets us see better. Besides that, soldier and Lucifer also got a much-needed buff. Go here to read the full patch note to find out more about They Are Billions The Six Wonders update!

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