The Working Professionals Programme has been officiated between INTI and SEAGM

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The Working Professionals Programme between INTI and SEAGM (SEA GAMER MALL SD. BHD.) is official. The established international digital goods and services e-commerce platform ties partnership with INTI International University & Colleges on 1st of February 2022. This is in support of INTI’s Working Professionals Programme. Subsequently, this education offer is in effort to encourage the employees of SEAGM to sign up for the program. Ideally, they can attain a higher academic qualification at a discounted rate as an employee of SEAGM.

Building a better educated team of employees

The memorandum of understanding in formation of this partnership is signed by the Chief Executive Officer, Chong Kok Wai, for and on behalf of INTI International University & Colleges. Meanwhile, Senior Human Resource Executive, Hannah Chong, is the undersigned representative for and on behalf of SEAGM.

Chong Kok Wai, CEO at INTI

Hannah Chong, shared that she is excited to build this partnership with a renowned educational establishment as INTI. She strongly believes that employees should have the opportunity to seek academic qualification even if they are already working. Hannah further said,

This is in line with SEAGM’s work culture that celebrates the importance of having a good work life balance. Now, employees of SEAGM can fulfil their dreams of achieving higher education. At SEAGM, we encourage employees to continuously learn new skills that can help our colleagues grow their skill set. Consequently, this effort can indeed help them improve at work. As a result, they are able to build their career and create a better future for themselves.  Furthermore, they are able to have a respectable social standing in the community as a well-educated individual.”

Hannah Chong – Senior HR Executive at SEAGM

INTI’s Working Professionals Programme & Benefits to SEAGM

There are many benefits that employees of SEAGM get to enjoy through INTI’s Working Professionals Programme. To start with, INTI shall offer the following:

  • Award 40% discount on tuition fees to a SEAGM employee who
    registers for the Working Professionals Programme (terms and conditions apply)
  • The program will award 16% discount to the children and spouses of the SEAGM employees during their studies with INTI
  • This partnership will provide branding opportunities to SEAGM, including placing the
    SEAGM’s logo as a collaborating industry partner in INTI’s website, program brochure or events posters, if applicable.

Similarly, all SEAGM subsidiary companies can also benefit from this partnership as the same entitlement applies as well.

A win-win outcome

Overall, SEAGM and INTI are able to share the benefits through this collaboration. In particular, SEAGM can build a good rapport within the public eye and academic front as a caring organization. One that empowers its people to grow through education and position the brand as a new-age forward looking entity. Additionally, it will be easier to retain SEAGM’s talent workforce when allowing them to attain academic achievements while working. This is also in line with the company goal to create a healthy work life balance. As echoed by CEO, Tommy Chieng, SEAGM strives to build a caring work culture for their employees to continuously develop themselves as their success is the also the success of the company.

Higher learning is now possible for SEAGM employees and its subsidiary companies through INTI’s Working Professionals Programme

On the other hand, INTI can reap the benefits as well through the registration of SEAGM employees who sign up for this program. For instance, where SEAGM encourages its senior management staff, as appropriate, to support all
relevant INTI initiatives. This includes INTI’s Design Thinking Mentorship Programme, potentially acting as Adjunct Faculty and acting as members of INTI’s Industry Advisory Board. Another advantage is through collaboration with SEAGM on building effective engagement mechanisms. To this end, programs in the form of forums, seminars, workshop series mentorship and development programs can be organized.

About INTI International University & Colleges

Founded in 1986, INTI International University & Colleges has grown tremendously from a classroom of 37 students to its current population of over 17,500 students across INTI’s four campuses in Malaysia, including Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Penang, and Sabah.

The establishment strongly holds to the belief that education can empower a person’s life significantly. Indeed, their innovative and collaborative approach to teaching is through a holistic approach. In addition, their learning management system and strong collaboration with global industry leaders such as SEAGM, helps students prosper in the real world.

The pursuit of quality and excellence has always been the hallmark of INTI which is now has gone past 30 years and counting. In over three decades, more than 70,000 students have passed through the doors of INTI in their quest for quality higher education and enhanced career prospects.


SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd, SEAGM is an established international digital goods and services e-commerce platform company for global gamers, game developers and publishers. With several offices worldwide in Malaysia, China and Thailand, SEAGM is the gamer‘s choice for online game top-ups & digital goods.

SEAGM has successfully developed a digital goods e-commerce and online game payment platform ( and a digital goods marketplace platform ( from the ground up. With many projects along and successful collaborations and partnerships in place, SEAGM is set to achieve greater milestones as the company makes its mark in the gaming industry globally.


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