How To Install and Play Lost Ark in Malaysia – Global Region Lock Bypass

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Lost Ark has recently retaken the world by storm as one of the most popular MMORPGs available on STEAM. However, it faces a region lock problem where it is specifically available only for NA, EU, and Korean regions and not for the rest of the international audiences.

To play Lost Ark in SEA, or in any region outside of NA, EU and KR, you’ll need three things: a browser VPN, a desktop VPN, and a new Steam account. No worries, as everything is completely free.

How To Install and Play Lost Ark

How to install Lost Ark outside of NA, EU, and KR:

  1. Make an NA or EU Steam account by using a Browser VPN such as Hola VPN.
  2. Go to Steam and if the extension wants you to download the desktop app, just download the .exe file, you don’t have to install the program.
  3. Next, make a Steam account as usual by entering your email and password then verifying your email
  4. Using the free trial of any desktop VPN (we recommend Surfshark or Nord), download the game.
  5. You can now play Lost Ark.

If you’re doing this before February 11, then you will need to purchase the Founder’s Pack for the three days early access. If you’re doing this after February 11, you can immediately install and play for free.

Logging in to the right store is just one part of the challenge, now you’re going to need a desktop VPN as well or Steam won’t let you download. You can opt for Surfshark or NordVPN’s trial and then cancel right after as you don’t need VPN to play, just need it to install the game.

How To Improve Your Lost Ark Ping

The game servers are in EU/NA, so naturally, you are bound to experience high ping. You can bypass this by getting ping-reducing services such as WTFast or Battleping.

In the future, if you’d like to purchase any of their in-game items SEAGM has region-specific Amazon Cards and Steam Wallet since your local cards won’t work.

Have fun and see you in Lost Ark! Feel free to leave a comment if you run into any problems on how to install Lost Ark and we’ll try our best to help.


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