The Sirensong Sea Dungeon Guide – FFXIV Stormblood

by Sammy Chan

Exterminate ghosts with The Sirensong Sea Dungeon Guide!

Finally! The first dungeon in Stormblood, am I right? 🙂 The Sirensong Sea dungeon features a host of ghastly looking mobs, bosses and an even creepier soundtrack. No worries, we’ll come along with you for the ride in the haunted sea and walk you through the fight with each boss. Time-stamps for each boss fight is included in the description of the video provided.


The first boss is fairly simple, just that it requires a lot of moving around. Sorry Black Mages, you’ll need to adjust 😉
Amorphous Applause
Lugat will perform a half arena cleave so make sure to stand close for easy maneuver.
Knocks all players to the edge of the map, usually casts Hydroball right after.
Stack to share damage, possible one shot if no one stacks.
Sea Swallows All
Unavoidable damage pulls all players into the center. Boss will immediately follow up with Concussive Oscillation.
Concussive Oscillation
Large AoE circles will be visible on the floor, avoid them.

The Governor

The Governor can stack up magic vulnerability really quick if you’re constantly taking hits from his skills. Take care and move appropriately.
Cone shaped AoE that will cause magic vulnerability on players who stay in them. Multiple debuffs can be attained the longer you stay in the attack. Move out ASAP.
Unavoidable AoE magic damage. Healers react accordingly.
Enter Night
Targeted player will be pulled into the boss’ hitbox. Move far enough to break tether. The longer the player stays tethered, the more stacks of magic vulnerability they will attain.
Shadows Split
Boss will summon mini-versions of itself that will walk around and drop a circle shaped AoE that causes magic vulnerability. This happens simultaneously with Shadowflow, causing lesser safe space to be available. Remember the pattern from Shadowflow and move away from any Shadows that are near you.


This fight will be straightforward and rather simply as long as you pay attention to what the boss is casting. Remember to use the Focus Target function! Lorelei’s battle pattern is pretty much the same throughout the entire battle, Morbid Advance/Retreat will always follow right after Virgin Tears. Once you take her down to 50% HP, however, she follows up with Void Water III and Somber Melody right after.
Virgin Tears
AoE puddles that will cause bleeding if the player stands in them. The outer perimeter of the arena will cause bleeding as well later on in the fight.
Morbid Advance/Retreat
This causes all players to move forward (Advance) or backward (Retreat). Position yourself so that you do not walk into any Virgin Tears puddles.
Somber Melody
Unavoidable AoE damage. Healers react accordingly.
Void Water III
AoE damage. Move accordingly to avoid damage.
That’s all for your first dungeon in Stormblood!
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