Shisui of the Violet Tides Dungeon Guide – FFXIV Stormblood

by Sammy Chan

Cut down that octopus with Shisui of the Violet Tides Dungeon Guide!

This guide will walk you through the fights with Amikiri, Ruby Princess, and Shisui Yohi in the second dungeon of Stormblood, Shisui of the Violet Tides. You can unlock this dungeon from the quest “Palace of the Lost Soul”, given by Kurenai. Timestamps are included in the description of the video.


Break its legs and beat it up! That basically sums up the whole fight. If you want to deal maximum DPS, hold on to your damage buffs and use them when Amikiri has fallen (and can’t get up).
Amikiri will target one player for Shuck, during the cast, said player will have Fetters applied, and unable to do anything. Other party members have to take down Amikiri Leg before the cast is over to free the targeted player. Doing so will cancel Shuck, and cause the boss to flip on it’s back, applying a vulnerability debuff which allows the party to damage it for more.
Blue circular markers will appear on top of 3 players in the party and will drop a lingering AoE puddle on the floor after a few seconds. Try to place the puddles at the edge of the map to allow for easy movement when fighting the boss.
Kamikiri adds that spawn during the boss battle. Kill them, they are fairly easy to take down.

Ruby Princess

The most vital point of this fight is to assign boxes but if you’re in one of those silent party, just stick to one box instead of running around. Make sure to become an old lady cause you can’t seduce an old lady, Ruby Princess 😉 And as usual, the tank should face the boss away from the party since her normal attack is a frontal cleave.
When the boss is casting Seduce, each member of your party should pick a box that is placed around the arena and stand in it. Doing so will apply the buff, Old, that will allow you to avoid the debuff; Seduced.  Getting hit by the debuff will cause your character to move towards the boss and take the hit from Coriolis Kick
Coriolis Kick
After casting Seduce, Ruby Princess begin casting Coriolis Kick, which is a large AoE in the middle of the arena. It is easy to dodge if you have done the mechanic for Seduce properly.
Abyssal Volcano
Markers will appear on top of 2 players before the AoEs for the skill will appear. Alongside that, the boss will have an AoE circle appear below her that will hit hard when the cast is over. The marked players must constantly move away from the AoE to avoid the incoming damage that will soon to follow.

Shisui Yohi

Sexy isn’t she? Finally,  it’s time to fight Shisui Yohi. This fight is fairly simple and straightforward.
Thick Fog
This skill doesn’t hit for much, but it summons Churns that applies the stackable Dropsy debuff until they are killed. For each Churn that is killed, the stack drops by 1. During this time, Shisui Yohi is concealed but you can still see where the boss will resurface by looking at the splash trail that it leaves while moving. Avoid standing too close or you will take damage when Shisui Yohi resurfaces. By taking damage from the boss resurfacing, you also attain a vulnerability stack.
Naishi-no-Kami / Naishi-no-jo
Shisui Yohi will summon minions to the battlefield that will cast Bite and Run. Kill them before they finish casting to avoid damage.
Mad Stare
Look-away mechanic. Failing to do so will cause the player to run around uncontrollably.
That’s it! Congratulations on your clear!
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