Steam Summer Sale 2017 Date Revealed

by Sammy Chan
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Steam Summer Sale 2017 is back and we have the date!

Summer can only mean one thing for gamers like you and I – Steam Summer Sale 2017 is here! Valve themselves has yet to announced anything regarding the sale but PayPal has revealed the date for us.
The date was confirmed in a tweet by PayPal’s UK Twitter account claiming that the sales will kick off at 6:00 PM BST. This is the equivalent of 10:00 AM NA PT / 1:00 PM NA ET (1:00AM SEA GMT) on Thursday, June 22 (Friday June 23 for SEA). PayPal tweeted this to announce their promotion (valid only in the UK) and you can find more details on that here.

As of now, Valve has not made any announcement or claim to denounced the date. Paypal’s promotion ends on July 5, which will presumably be the last day of the sales

steam summer sales 2017

Image via Steam

Last month, a Reddit user also posted an image regarding the Steam Summer sale and the dates match up with PayPal’s promotion. So get your wallets ready as we head on into the madness that is Steam Summer sale! What games would you be looking to snag up during this sale to add to your steam library collection? Or are you looking forward to the special trading card/badge collecting event to obtain some profile flair? Whatever it is, just remember to spend wisely 😉

We will keep this post updated if there are any changes to the date and time. Remember to follow our social media accounts to keep up with the hottest sales! You can find these links on the top left corner of our page 😀

If you’ve read this far, we’ll let you in on a little secret – we’re doing a Steam Wallet giveaway! Keep an eye out for the contest info on our Facebook page, we will be revealing it soon!

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