The Royal Menagerie Is Not Hard, Working Together Is

by Sammy Chan
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Before we talk about The Royal Menagerie, let me tell you a little about my background. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood came out last month and the expansion itself had been getting praises everywhere, myself included.


I’ve been playing this game since Summer last year. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore player; I don’t have a weekly farm static and I definitely did not clear Soul of the Creator (Savage) before the expansion hits. Like everyone else, I have my own way of playing the game. I spend most of my time crafting in my house or next to the Marketboard outside my house in the Mist, sometimes I’m out gathering rocks and logs for crafting. If I’m not doing those, then you can probably find me beating up primals in extreme trial. I guess I’m somewhere in between even though I think I’m pretty casual.

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The Royal Menagerie struggle

Nevertheless, the game is not without a flaw. Since its launch, Stormblood has been frequently talked about on many gaming news sites due to its infamous “Raubhan Block” that prevented many players from progressing the Main Story Quest during the first and second day of early access. What caught my attention was, multiple sites claiming that the last trial of the MSQ, The Royal Menagerie is too difficult and needs a nerf.
The community’s response is, however, mixed. Some players agree that it is too hard for casuals who just want to decorate their house or take screenshots of the game’s beautiful environment. Have you seen how many Instagrammer there are for this game? Anyways – many others disagree. Various Reddit thread sprung up and a majority disagree when asked if the trial requires a nerf.

I expect the final boss to be moderately challenging in any game. – x3_Starlight

I agree.

My First Run

When I first unlocked The Royal Menagerie, I queued for it on my own. Since I was progressing through MSQ as a Paladin and tank get an instant queue, I figured I can just do it myself. And sure enough, the queue was instant. The transitional black screen faded away to reveal Shinryu and the eight of us on a platform suspended in mid-air. Six out of 8 of the party members, myself included, was new to the fight. We had a really helpful healer who was giving out info on what to do with specific mechanics. We still wiped, though. Like everyone else in the party, I was thrilled with how challenging the fight was. After two wipes I figured out how the mechanics worked and we got the clear on our third try.

Duty Finder Horrors

Initially, I wanted to write a guide to break down the mechanics and to do that, I needed a video to go with it. So I hopped into Duty Finder, wanting to record my run. On my first attempt, met a co-tank who got put into it via Trials Roulette, they whined a little then eventually left. The party sat on the platform while the system searches for a replacement, after 5 minutes, one healer left while the other was perpetually killing themselves by jumping off the edge. I decided to ask what servers the first-timers were on, we had three of them. They weren’t on my server so I offered to put up a party finder with a passcode to help them clear, they declined, not wanting to make me run it with them since I already cleared it.
The 15 minutes mark arrived and we voted for disbanding. I was a little surprised at my luck for such encounter but I still needed a video, so I queued up again. Long story short, the second run was a fail too, we had a Samurai who landed in via Trials Roulette too and refuses to participate in the battle. He would die intentionally and ask that we boot him so he could avoid the penalty. Of course, nobody wanted to comply since he was intentionally grieving the party. So everybody just waited for 15 minutes and disbanded again. Third time’s the charm. Got a clear after wiping once, we had two first timers too.

What’s My Point?

The Royal Menagerie itself isn’t hard, working together is. People refusing to even try just because they got it via Trials Roulette. Of course, expecting the community to come together is a wishful thinking. This is not a teamwork PSA either. My point is, the trials don’t deserve a nerf just because some people are selfish and obnoxious. At the same time, it’s not right to just point fingers at the community and say,

It’s often a two-way street.

So, What Do?

Prepare yourself before entering the trial. Youtube is literally littered with guides. Don’t like watching a video? There are even written guides. If you’re like me and enjoy just experiencing the fight and figuring out the mechanics on my own for your initial run, then just go for it. Here’s an important tip to improve your experience in clearing content altogether; use the focus target option. Pay attention to what the boss is casting and react accordingly. Alternatively, you could also ask people who you think are good players to mentor you and guide you through The Royal Menagerie.
There’s plenty of ways to get through it, it’s really not that hard. The only thing stopping you from getting a clear is your mindset.

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