Get Jotun: Valhalla Edition for free today

by Sammy Chan
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Regain glory and enter Valhalla

In conjunction with their new game reveal, Thunder Lotus Game is giving away Jotun: Valhalla Edition for free. Jotun is a side-scrolling action adventure game that is both visually stunning and challenging. The game’s art is hand-drawn and focuses on Norse mythology storytelling. Traverse open-world and solve puzzles as you battle bosses. You can get it free for today only on Steam and keep it forever in your library. Help Thora enter Valhalla!

Image via PlayStation


As for the new game, Thunder Lotus Game released a trailer for their new game named Sundered. Sundered is an action horror Metroidvania style adventure coming out this month on the 28th. Playing as Eshe, a wandered in a ruined world, you will need to use your abilities to take down massive bosses to resist or embrace insanity. Also, Sundered’s art is hand-drawn, just like Jotun, so, you can already imaging the game is going to look good.
Finally, remember to get your free copy of Valhalla here and you can also pre-order Sundered for 10% off, both on Steam.

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