Tekken 7 Season 4 Announced! Changes, Rumors, and more

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In the recent Japan Fighting Games Publishers Roundtable held on August 1, Bandai Namco announced Season 4 of Tekken 7. The update is releasing the Fall of 2020 and will feature new moves, an updated rank system, better online experiences, and at least one new character. Here’s everything we know about Tekken 7 Season 4.

tekken 7 season 4 leak
Tekken 7’s Season 4 begins this coming Fall

A Much Needed Balance Patch

Tekken 7’s current state (Season 3) is under much heat. Three of it’s DLC characters; Zafina, Leroy and Fahkumram, are under heavy criticism for being “too good”. Despite a number of patches sent out to nerf these characters, members of the Fighting Game Community (FGC) are still finding things to cry foul over. In fact, Fahkumram is currently banned in almost all Pakistani Tekken Tournaments.

The DLC characters aren’t the only issue. In an attempt to balance the game, the Tekken balance team also buffed certain characters from the base roster. This only led to more outcry and personalities such as Arslan Ash further criticizing balancing team’s approach.

Needless to say, ushering in a new balance patch in tandem with a new season is hopefully the overhaul the game needs to regain its playerbase’s favor.

Revamped Move Sets and Ranking System

As mentioned in Arslan Ash’s tweet, not all characters are made equal. While it is a common design choice for characters to have different strengths and weaknesses, certain characters have weaknesses that clearly outweigh their strengths. Therefore, adding new moves could be the redemption factor those characters need to be competitively viable.

The Tekken Prowess ranking system is also a new feature to be introduced. There’s no info on what will happen with the current ranking system, as we can still see the traditional “2nd Dan” displayed in the trailer. Not much info regarding Tekken Prowess has been officially announced, however, its association with a numerical value is akin to MMR in other games.

Overhauled Online Experiences

“Online Play Enhancements” and a “Better Online Experience” are also coming to the game. Just last month, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada explained the state of the game’s current rollback netcode. He further cited that due to the complex 3D models used in the game there was only so much that could be done for the game at the time. The team was, however, working on it, so we can expect to see the improvements when Tekken Season 4 rolls out.

Unannounced New Character

At the end of the trailer, a mysterious new character is teased. There is no confirmation on whether it will be a returning legacy character or a brand-new guest character. We can make out a shadowed figure with flowing apparel, but not much else.

The traditional setting and the representation of the sun may be a nod to Japanese culture. If so, many speculate that this will be Kunimitsu. However, it’s not below Harada-san to surprise the Tekken FGC with the most ridiculous (though well-received) guest characters. Only time will tell who the mysterious shrouded figure will be.

tekken 7 kunimitsu

You can purchase digital currency for your PSN, Xbox Live or Steam account to prepare for Season 4 at SEAGM.

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