Super Mecha Champions is when PUBG Mobile meets Hot Anime Waifus and Robots

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Super Mecha Champions is a battle royal game with the addition of hot anime waifus and menacingly powerful robots. Survive in a swarm of 100 players in a squad or solo. Choose your manga-styled representative and loot exotic futuristic weapons scattered throughout Alpha City. In Super Mecha Champion, you duke it out for freedom, salvation and glory.

What is Super Mecha Champions?

Super Mecha Champion starts out like most other Battle Royales. You drop in, loot weapons and gear, and eliminate other players as you navigate the map to avoid the impending storm enclosure. What differentiates it from your run-of-the-mill Battle Royale, however, are the characters and features.

Most notably, the ability to summon a high profile Mecha to turn the tides of battle.

SMC features a unique roster of characters for you to choose from. In addition to each character being voiced by a high-profile “Seiyu”, these characters also have unique gameplay attributes- or at least, their “Mechas” do.

You start the game off by choosing between Ning or Rom as your first character. Kit wise, they are pretty much the same and only differ in terms of Seiyuu. They do have different default Mechas that have different abilities, but it isn’t a huge factor as you can unlock Mechas easily as you play more games. Ning pilots the Firefox

Most BRs would give you two primary weapon slots and a pistol sidearm to eliminate the remaining 99 players. Super Mecha Champions, however, allows for three primary weapons as well as your default SMGs. The weapon types of SMC are also vastly different compared to the traditional BR. While games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire focus on realistic weapons like AK assault rifles and P90 SMGs, SMC features a futuristic and unique take on the conventual weapon categories. For example, they have a flamethrower shaped after a guitar, a grenade launcher that fires spider drones before blowing up, and cool modern designs for Assault Rifles and other standard weapon types.

Recruit Mechas and Characters

Like many other Mobile games, Super Mecha Champions has a progression system revolved around ranking and unlocking content. There is a daily, weekly, and seasonal reward system for players to indulge in for chasing their top-tier waifu or husbando. Or, if you can’t bear with the grind, you can just purchase cheap crystals from SEAGM to instantly unlock your desired characters.

Additionally, players can also grind to unlock Mechas, which have unique traits and abilities. For example, Rom’s default Mecha has a sword that can deal fast and heavy damage to enemies, while Ning’s Firefox can fire a barrage of missiles that obliterates foes but needs a longer recharge period. There are more mechas and characters aside from these two for you to unlock, and will continue to be more with updates.

Smaller Map, But More Verticality

One thing you’ll notice about Super Mecha Champions is that its map pales in comparison to its BR competitors. Where it lacks in size, however, it makes up with the verticality of its areas. Each segment has towering buildings that players can climb for vantage points or to avoid danger. This gives the smaller map of SMC an added need for game sense, giving even veteran mobile BR players a challenge.

You can fight anywhere, from an elevated highway to underwater in the city’s canals!

Interested in Super Mecha Champions high-octane, high-mobility combat action? You can download it for free on Google Play or the App Store right now!

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