Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass Details and Highlights

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We’re hot on the release of Garena Free Fire’s latest map update “Bermuda 2.0” and its new Cristiano Ronaldo character. The rush doesn’t stop there, as now we’re diving into the Season 32 Elite Pass. The Free Fire Elite Pass will cost you 2,200 Diamonds, and open you up to heaps of cool rewards ranging from cosmetics to EXP boosts and much more!

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Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass Details

Season 32 of Garena’s Free Fire will revolve around a supernatural concept. The Season 32 Elite Pass is aptly named the Spectre Squad Elite Pass, and dons a purplish, technological theme to combat the ghoulish specters that plague the world.

It’s not all ghoulish horrors, as the theme is also techno-punk with hyper-stylized outfits and character skins. It’s even got a dash of fictional political drama in it. According to Gamepress, Season 32 takes place in the “not-too-distant future in a world where specters exist, some of which have turned to evil. As a result, many countries have secretly started to hire their own specter squad with their own advanced technologies and intimidating ghost-themed outfits.”

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