How To Spend During Steam Summer Sales

by Sammy Chan

With the ongoing Steam Summer Sales,  it’s easy to get carried away with so many discounts. Here are some ways to get the biggest bang out of your buck and snag the games that you truly desire.
We’re halfway through Steam Summer sale, the seasonal sales are where you get ridiculous discounts on most games, from popular titles to older games that you didn’t get the chance to grab when they first released. Popular, newly released best-sellers can also have discounts sitting on them, anything ranging from 20% to 90% in some cases. If you’re still lost on how to most effectively spend your money, here’s a list of tips you may want to try out.

Fill up your wishlist

Steam Summer Sales

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Steam has a nifty feature where they’ll send you an email when a game that’s on your wishlist goes on sale. This is a double-edged sword, as many people tend to jump the gun too early and buy the game before the best deal for it is available. We’ll further explain on how to tell when the game you wish is discounted as deep as it’s going to ever get in just a moment, but for now, it’s a good habit to wishlist games that you want, or even catch your interest. That way you’ll at the very least be notified when they go on sale. Technology is here to help you, might as well make the best of it.

Types of Steam Sales

Steam Summer Sales

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There used to be many different types of Steam sales back in the day, but times have changed, and there are now two major types of discounts that you need to know about:

  • Highlighted Deals” are where selected games go on sale for a week. These deals are generally deeper in discounts, but disappear off the front page after 24 to 48 hours, and are the deals you’re aiming for as they range between 50% to 75% and stay generally on top of the Steam store page.
  • Store-wide Discounts” are deals any games that have not been released in the past six months get. These discounts generally range from anywhere between 25% to 75%.

Steam Summer Sales

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Spend less, Play more!

Steam Summer Sales

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Gone are the days of Flash Deals and Community Sales, now there’s always a set of games on sale all week, not including “Highlighted Deals” where a select few games make it to the top of the store page. No more “oops you missed the sale by a few hours, but here is a smaller compromise discount for it”.
Should you miss your favorite game in a highlighted deal, have no fear because you can still buy it. It used to be different, but now if a game is on sale, that’s the price that it’ll stay at for the week.


Steam Summer Sales

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Publisher bundles are almost always worth the purchase, as they have deeper discounts than anything else. While these bundles are more worth the purchase, the drawback is that you might end up with a handful of games that you might not want to play, but if everything in that bundle is of interest to you then it is a match made in heaven for you.
Before you buy a game that’s on discount, always make sure to check and see if there’s a publisher bundle with the game you want in it. You’ll never know if the bundle provides a steeper discount than if you were to buy it on its own. It’s not often that it happens but it never hurts to double check. While you’re there, it’s also good to check the DLC (Downloadable Content) prices, as certain titles have a bunch of DLC that’s on sale for sometimes as little as $1, and it’s worth buying them together than to later come back for them individually.

How to know when you’re getting the best deal

Steam Summer Sales

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Now that Steam sales have been revamped, you’re always getting the best discount for any title. If you see a title on discount, it’ll stay at that percentage until the deal falls off. Still, newer releases will usually only get a 25% to 40% cut. Grab those if you desperately want it, but deeper discounts will come in the following months. 50% to 66% are decent discounts, this is a good time to pick them up if you have been meaning to for awhile, especially if the title is an Indie game or a cheap game, to begin with. Last but not least, anything on sale for 75% or more is pretty much the lowest you’ll ever see it on Steam. Collect them all.


If you hate spam email, even from a newsletter that will actually benefit you, then check out the mobile Steam apps for Android and iOS. Over there you can keep track of Steam sales anywhere you are, and if there’s a special sale happening, you’ll be able to check it out from your smartphone. The last tip for you is that while Steam is a great digital distributor, it may not always have the best prices. Other sites such as Amazon, HumbleBundle .etc may have better prices, so always remember to check multiple sites before deciding to buy a title.


Discount now stays the same all sale long

  • 25% to 40% — Buy only if desperate
  • 50% to 66% — Not a bad deal
  • 75% and higher — Get it, it’s as cheap as it gets

Don’t like the prices on Steam? Cross refer to other sites to see if they have it cheaper. No idea what to get? Check out the 10 games we think is worth getting here.

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