Steam Summer Sale 2018: Our Picks of JRPG

by Sammy Chan

Steam Summer Sale 2018 has started and it’s in full swing! We’ll give you a rundown of the best-rated JPGs games that have the most value-per-dollar today. Here are our top 5 JRPGs you can get from the Steam Sale today! Summer Sale 2018 commences from June 21 to July 5.

How much of a sale we’re talking here?

We weigh in the amount of discount applied to the game itself and measure it with the number of hours you can get in completing the game. From start to finish.
Main story: The amount of time needed to complete the game if you’re only doing the main quests.
Main + Extras: Completing the game by finishing both the main quests and the side quests.
Completionist: 100% completion of the game. Basically unlocking every achievement on top of finishing the main quests and side quests.
The hours shown are the average time recorded by existing players.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition (-50% off)
US$24.99 / RM109.50

Main story: 21 Hours.
Main + Extras: 49½ Hours.
Completionist: 114 Hours.
The definitive edition of Final Fantasy XV. Includes all of the DLC from Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition for the consoles. Beautiful graphics at up 4k resolution with buttery smooth 60+ FPS if your rig can handle it. Go on the ride with your fellow bros while saving the kingdom!

I am Setsuna (-50% off)
US$19.99 / RM37.50

Main story: 20½ Hours.
Main + Extras: 25½ Hours.
Completionist: 48½ Hours.
Inspired by the golden age of JRPGs, I am Setsuna pays tribute to classic games like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. If you adored the games like I do, I highly recommend this game! Memorable characters with an awesome soundtrack, you better not give I am Setsuna a miss.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (-50% off)
US$9.99 / RM19.00

Main story: 41½ Hours.
Main + Extras: 50½ Hours.
Completionist: 64 Hours.
Although the game can look dated because of the original release date in 2004, Trails in the Sky makes up for it with a fantastic active-time-battle system with charming characters! This PC port has a turbo mode to speed the gameplay 6x faster.

Tales of Berseria™ (-70% off)
US$14.99 / RM47.70

Main story: 44 Hours.
Main + Extras: 70 Hours.
Completionist: 195 Hours.
Not your familiar Tales series. Tales of Berseria has a darker tone to it compared to its predecessor. You play as Velvet, a girl who is bent on vengeance after a traumatic experience that happened 3 years before. This is arguably the best Tales game so far.

Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming Bundle (-80% off)
US$1.99 / RM5.75

Main story: 18 Hours.
Main + Extras: 23½ Hours.
Completionist: 35½ Hours.
*Note: The Second Coming bundle includes the first game – Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy*
Don’t have 50 hours to spend to complete a JRPG? No problem! Half Minute Hero is an 8-bit game designed to parody all known RPGs out there. An evil final boss casts a spell that would end the world in 30 seconds, and it is up to you to defeat the final boss in 30 seconds. Get the game to find out what am I talking about!
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From the glorious and beautiful graphics of Final Fantasy XV, to the wacky yet ridiculous nature of Half Minute Hero, you will get so much value and fun out of these games! Do make sure that you actually play the game(s) after purchasing them because you don’t want to fill up your backlog more do you? I know I am guilty of such crime.
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