Steam Summer Sale 2018: Our Picks of Rogue-like

by Sammy Chan
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We got you covered in our picks of JRPGs, now it’s time for rogue-like games! Steam Summer Sale 2018 is offering tons of rogue-like games for an extremely cheap price. Multiple runs are required to “complete” the game as a whole, so for cheap prices, you will get a lot of value play time out of these. Dying in rogue-like is a part of the experience and we hope that you would not get tilted in any way!

How much of a sale we’re talking here?

We weigh in the amount of discount applied to the game itself and measure it with the number of hours you can get in completing the game. From start to finish.
Main story: The amount of time needed to complete the game if you’re only doing the main quests.
Main + Extras: Completing the game by finishing both the main quests and the side quests.
Completionist: 100% completion of the game. Basically unlocking every achievement on top of finishing the main quests and side quests.
The hours shown are the average time recorded by existing players.

Crypt of the NecroDancer (-80% off)
US$2.99 / RM6.20

Main story: 14½ Hours.
Main + Extras: 22 Hours.
Completionist: 39½ Hours.
Crypt of the NecroDancer is a peculiar one. The game combines dungeon crawling with rhythm-based movement and combat. You move with the beat, the enemies move with the beat. It is entirely possible to master the game’s addictive beats and take no damage throughout the run!

Risk of Rain (-75% off)
US$2.49 / RM5.75

Main story: 3½ Hours.
Main + Extras: 19 Hours.
Completionist: 56½ Hours.
Do not let the art of the game fool you! Risk of Rain is an excellent sci-fi rogue-like despite its rather simplistic pixel art. You start out with the Commando class, there are 9 other unlockable characters with their own unique style of gameplay. The difficulty mechanic of this game scales with how much time you spent in one level. If you breeze through one level quickly you can reach the endgame faster, however, you’d lose potential item unlocks and strong combos. On the other hand, staying too long inside one level will make the later levels harder. Multiplayer co-op is possible for this game, grab one for your friend as well!

Darkest Dungeon® (-70% off)
US$7.49 / RM14.10

Main story: 51½ Hours.
Main + Extras: 77½ Hours.
Completionist: 101 Hours.
Most likely the most punishing rogue-like game of this list, Darkest Dungeon is not for the faint of heart. Its dark and gritty art style can be very intimidating, but do not fear, with lots of patience for this game and never overextending yourself, you will prevail in the depths of the dungeon! A friendly reminder, RNGesus hates you and always be prepared for it.

Don’t Starve (-75% off)
US$3.74 / RM7.75

Main story: 36 Hours.
Main + Extras: 85½ Hours.
Completionist: 161 Hours.
Don’t Starve is a survival rogue-like with a unique emphasis on crafting mechanic. Its pencil-paper art is simply charming and there are tons of stuff to do in this game besides surviving! Just starting out can be difficult but once you got the hang of crafting, every creature of the wild can fear you.

FTL: Faster Than Light (-75% off)
US$2.49 / RM5.75

Main story: 11 Hours.
Main + Extras: 28½ Hours.
Completionist: 121 Hours.
You play as a commander of a single spaceship carrying an important information to your allied fleet while being pursued by the rebel fleet. Take down hostile ships using missiles and lasers with your ship resource management skills. It may not look like it, but FTL is a blast to play with when you obtained powerful weapons to bring down the rebel scum!
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Do note that rogue-like games will not up to everyone’s tastes. Progression system of rogue-like games is not like other games as there is no specified “ending” to it. A normal run can take just a few hours to complete if you manage to reach the ending of the run without dying. Completing a run (or dying) will reward you with an upgrade or unlockables for the next run.
Usually unlocking all of the upgrades or collections means the completion of the game. Rogue-like thrives in replayability. A certain RNG mechanic of rogue-like is what makes such games so charming to play!
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