[Free Game] Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

by Sammy Chan
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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” just released today and best of all, the game is free. Announced during E3 2018 by developer Dontnod and publisher Square-Enix, the game is set as a demo for the upcoming “Life is Strange 2“.

What is Captain Spirit?

Dive into a creative and imaginative mind of a 9-year-old boy, Chris who copes with daily reality through his imagination. Back during “Life is Strange“, we dealt with the uncertainty and moodiness of a teenager. While now in “Captain Spirit“, we get to view the wonders of life through the eyes of a kid. Which actually sets a different mood compared to its predecessor.

Screengrab via Steam

Early on in the game, we get to see Chris interacting with his father. The father seems to be a heavy drinker and to make sure he doesn’t go through the day on an empty stomach, Chris makes macaroni for him. We are shown the view of a depressed father and how an imaginative son copes with it.
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In the game, we are given task which is technically Chris’s to do list. We can try to complete these to unlock secret content. The choices and actions we make here will be linked to “Life is Strange 2“, so have to make the right ones then.

Screengrab via Steam

The game is already out today, so get your free copy of it now. It is available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

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