Steam Halloween Sale 2019 – What to get?

by Sammy Chan
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As we mentioned in a post last week, sure as day the Steam Halloween Sale is now here! It starts today, October 28 and will end on November 1 (10AM PST/12AM GMT+8). There’s also an event that comes with it but we’ll be talking about the games here. These are five game recommendations if you’re not sure what to get!

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is basically a 1 v 4 hide-and-seek game. But that’s a very basic explanation of the game. You can either play as survivor in a team of four or be the killer working alone.

As the survivor your goal is to escape. You can do this via fixing five Generators and opening the Exit Gates. Or, be the last man standing and escape through the hatch – that is if the killer doesn’t find it first. Playing as the killer is pretty straightforward, you have to catch the survivors, hook them and sacrifice them to the entity.

Image result for dead by daylight gameplay
Meg Thomas leaving the area after finishing a Generator. (Source: Dead by Daylight)

The thing I enjoy most about this is the detailed perks system that can really change the play style of the survivor or killer you pick. Besides that, playing together with friends and escaping together is exhilarating.

Despite a rocky launch, the game is in a very good place now compared to its earlier days. There are 19 survivors to pick from including the newly added Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler from the Stranger Things DLC. As for killers, you have 17 to pick from with the Classic Horror Movie icons like Ghostface and Micheal Myers.

The game is 50% off at MYR 19.

Graveyard Keeper – Stranger Sins (DLC)

If you’re looking for something more relaxing and casual but still kind of messed up – there’s Graveyard Keeper. The base game is also on sale at 50% off and yes you’ll be needing that to play this DLC.

Graveyard Keeper on its own, is a management game where you work as a, well, graveyard keeper. New body arrives daily and its up to you how you tend to the body before burial. Will you keep the skin to make paper? Or cut up all the flesh to sell to the local butcher? That’s all up to you how you want to play.

Your very own bar in the medieval times! (Source: tinyBuild)

As for the Stranger Sins DLC, it’ll let you run your own bar! Sell alcohol, food and even event manage for your bar. You could even make your zombies automate the production chain for you to create a steady income. Besides that, the DLC also further expands the story of the game further in which you’ll travel back 200 years and find out dark secrets of the town you reside.

Basically, this game has so much content to offer. The DLC is 10% off since it just launched today. So getting both base game and DLC will cost you a total of MYR 40.65. If you want, the Collector’s Edition is also available at MYR 47.73 – 49% off. This includes the base game, the DLC, official soundtrack and a digital artbook.

Remnant: From the Ashes

A third-person survival action shooter is basically what this game is. You can either play alone or with up to two other players as you try to survive the post-apocalyptic world teeming with monstrous creatures. As the last surviving remnant of humanity, you must fight back.

This game is better played alone than with friends since the co-op system has a lot of room for improvement. But otherwise, the game itself will provide a solid experience of shooting, surviving and progressing.

Image result for remnant from the ashes gameplay
Taking down monstrous creatures with a shotgun! (Source: PlayStation)

The creative and commendable enemy design makes all the fights enjoyable. But be warned, this game is not for the casual. It’s a rather hard game with very little guidance. The story is almost non-existent so if you’re looking for a good story, this game will not provide. Instead, take it as a fun shooter game that requires perseverance and skill.

Get Remnant: From the Ashes for 30% off at MYR 54.60!

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Unlike the games above, this one is more story-focused. It tells a tale of a pair of siblings in Kingdom of France, 1349. Amicia and her younger brother, Hugo are wanted by the Inquisition for unknown reason. Specifically, the want the younger De Rune – Hugo.

Image result for a plague tale innocence gameplay
Hugo clinging on to Amicia as they wade through the swarm of rats. (Source: Steam)

The game follows your adventure as Amicia as you wade through villages devastated by the disease. Carrion of the disease itself, rats swarm, are your enemies. They come in big waves and will stop for no one and nothing.

Think you can save Hugo from the clutches of the Inquisition? Get pulled into the immersive world of A Plage Tale: Innocence for MYR 65.40 at 40% off.

TDPA: Man of Medan

Man of Medan is based on an event that actually happen way back in the 1940s. SS Ourang Medan became a legendary ghost ship when its entire crew died under suspiciously. There was no physical wound when their bodies were found, the ship was just drifting hauntingly through the Dutch East Indies waters.

This game uses that basis as its premise and the story revolves around a group of young adults who went out for a diving trip. They were eventually captured by pirates and in the midst of the storm, crashed across the SS Ourang Medan. With their small yacht threatening to sick, they had no choice but to board the ghostly vessel. Weird things started happening and their sanity are put to the test with survival at stake.

Image result for man of medan scary
The past meeting the present. (Source: Gamerant)

As the player, you get to make game-changing choices that could either means everyone survives or everyone dies. As it stands, all playable characters can live or die and their life is in your hands. It’s also multiplayer so grab a friend and get in the spooky mood together for a price of MYR 50.25 at 33% off!

That’s all the game recommendations we have for the moment! Of course there are others you should get but we’ve already recommended them before so we’re going with a new list. When if comes to Steam sales, always make sure to get those on your wish lists first! If these aren’t on it, just add them now and grab them in the next sale!

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