Steam Autumn Sale date is leaked

by Sammy Chan
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As it is tradition every year, another Steam sale date is once again leaked by Steam Database on Twitter. Since Halloween is just a few days away, if you’re a frequent Steam user you probably already know. By this time of the year, we have three more sales to spend on before 2020 comes along.

Steam Halloween Sale

This sale is predicted to happen on October 28, 2019 – three days before Halloween. It ends one day after the spookies on November 1. Stay tune for deal recommendations coming up during the sale!

The Steam Halloween Sale is typically rather short since it revolves around a single festival. We’re guessing it’s going to be thematic where most horror type games will be on sale. In which case, we really suggest picking up Dead by Daylight if you’re into multiplayer fun. That game is getting a big update next week!

Steam Autumn Sale

As for this sales, it’s running for a whole week. Beginning on November 26, 2019 and will end on December 3, 2019. More games will very likely be on sale on this one in comparison to the previous themed sale.

Despite big title like Death Stranding coming out in November, we doubt that it’ll be on sale anytime soon. Maybe the Winter Sale?

That’s all the dates we have for you for now! So get your money ready because Gaben is coming right at your greenies.

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