What is the new PUBG M Payload Mode?

by Sammy Chan
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The popular Battle Royale game recent updated to version 0.15.0. With new patch, comes more new content! But today, let’s talk a little bit more about PUBG M Payload Mode, a whole new mode of gameplay that is dropping on October 23 (October 24 for Asia).

What is Payload Mode?

This mode isn’t exactly a surprise drop since it has been in beta for some time now. It was officially rolled out with version 0.15.0 but didn’t go live since more fine tuning was needed. As part of the Arcade mode, it’ll be a twist on the usual battle royale mode.


Players will be playing in a smaller area on Erangel. Equipped with heavy weaponry and the new addition to fly helicopters. Besides helicopters the new mode includes weapons like the M3E1-A rocket launcher, the MGL & M79 grenade launchers and RPG-7. Another new feature this mode has is the ability to revive fallen teammates. All you have to do is pick up their ID Card and take it to the nearest Communication Tower.

Besides the Payload Mode, this new patch also brought along several new stuff with it. There is a new weapon, the Desert Eagle. This gun currently has the highest damage and muzzle velocity among all the pistols. You can attach Holographic Sight, Mira Red Dot, Laser Sight and magazines to improve its accuracy.

Image result for desert eagle pubg m
A strong hand pistol, the Desert Eagle. (Source: PUBG M Official Twitter)

And then there’s a new vehicle named BRDM-2. It’s amphibious and comes with bulletproof tires.

Image result for brdm-2 pubg m
The new amphibious vehicle, BRDM-2. (Source: Screengrab via PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds @ YouTube)

A new season will be coming soon in November since Season 9 will be ending, stay tune for updates!

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