Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – 3 Games You Must Get

by Sammy Chan
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Halloween is a day away but if you’re itching to get your spooks on, the wait is over. The Steam Halloween Sale 2018 has begun! It will run for four days before ending on November 1, 2018. If you miss out this one, then you’ll have to wait until the end of next month for the Autumn Sale. Not many games are on sales, definitely not the whole store. In this article, I’ll pick three games that I highly endorse to share with you! These games are worth every penny! These are games that I’ve personally played and completed. They left a lasting impression on me, hence the well-deserved spot on the list.
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Graveyard Keeper (-25%)

You should play this if … You enjoy farming games but want a change of scene.
Graveyard Keeper is sandbox management game that’s about, well, managing a graveyard. The game begins with a scene of a blue-collar man, on his way home from work. He then gets hit by a car and died. That man is you. Dying, for some reason, transported you back in time and now you’re tasked with grave keeping.
Cut up bodies, bury them or throw them in the river as you try to find your way back home! This sale serves as a good opportunity to pick this game up since the devs recently updated the game. You can now dabble in necromancy with the Breaking Dead update! Raise an army of undead to handle those daily chores for you. What better way to spend Halloween than working yourself to death, literally.

GIF via Graveyard Keeper (Steam page)

Other games like it:

  • Stardew Valley
  • My Time at Portia (-20%)

Steam Rating:

  • Recent reviews: Mostly Positive (196)
  • All reviews: Mixed (3,391)

Our review:
Graveyard Keeper is a fun game, in my opinion. However, it takes a while to get to the fun point. Like, say, three hours of gameplay maybe? And it involves quite a bit of repetition before you can get anywhere comfortable. Therefore it might feel repetitive at times. But, that’s the whole concept of a farming game, isn’t it? So if you’re okay to look past that, I really recommend giving this game a chance. It has so much to offer. After all, it’s only in early access and it’s published by tinyBuild, one of the best indie game publisher out there. They are famous for games like Punch Club and SpeedRunners.
Despite the slow start and a bit of grind, I do find this game captivating and special. Or maybe I just really enjoy cutting up bodies ._.

Metro Redux Bundle (-75%)

You should play this if … You enjoy surviving in the post-apocalyptic world while deadly mutants try to tear you up into pieces. Added bonus if you enjoy screaming like a little girl because the game has such a well-made environment.
The Metro Redux Bundle comes with both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux. The Metro series brings you an open-world survival horror game set in post-apocalyptic Russia. Remnants of mankind now live in the Metro tunnels of Russia. As they try to survive, they not only have to fend off their own kind but also mutants and supernatural entities. You’ll play as Artyom, a ranger with a special power to connect with the Dark Ones.
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As you set out on a journey of self-discovery in the wasteland, the story and environment will keep you captivated through every single step of the way. With Metro: Exodus the third installment of the series coming out next year, this is as good as any of a chance to understand the world of Metro.

Artyom on The Surface (Image via Deep Silver)

Other games like it:
I can’t pick any, Metro is super unique. Sure, I could chuck any survival-horror RPGs in here, but that wouldn’t do Metro any justice. So I’ll just leave this out.
Steam Rating:
Metro 2033 Redux

  • Recent reviews: Very Positive (322)
  • All reviews: Very Positive (21,111)

Metro: Last Light Redux

  • Recent reviews: Very Positive (256)
  • All reviews: Very Positive (16,807)

Our review:
Play this game. Then get your grandkids to play it. After that make your great grandkids to play it. I love the Metro series to death and the game sits on the tip of tongue whenever someone asks me for a game recommendation. This game, according to a reviewer on its own Steam page, makes Fallout look like Disneyland – and I agree. Despite not being entirely open-world, the game isn’t exactly linear as well. Its meticulously crafted environment will keep you immerse and at the edge of your seat as you play through. Trust me when I say the creatures aren’t the scariest thing that you will encounter in this game. It’s one of those games that will stay with you after you finish it. And several years down the road, you’ll find yourself craving for another run on The Surface.

Detention (-60%)

You should play this if … You look forward to several hours being frightened, confuse (in a good way) and then getting a punch in the feels.
Detention is a horror game set in Taiwan back in the 60s. This was when the country was still under martial law and the military is running the show. All of that only serves as a backdrop, though. The focus of the game is on a two high-schoolers. Trapped on campus, they must find a way to escape as their fate unravels to tell a hauntingly beautiful tale. Incorporating East Asian elements, the game utilizes Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese mythology to tell the story of a cursed school.

GIF via Alpha Beta Gamer

Other games like it:

  • Fran Bow (-75%)
  • Layers of Fear (-75%)

Steam Rating:

  • Recent reviews: Very Positive (87)
  • All reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (6,387)

Our review:
Detention is another game that, I dreaded starting it but I couldn’t stop because the game kept pulling me in. I’m not a fan of horror games. Heck, I’m too scared to even watch a horror movie so you can imagine how someone like me would feel playing this game. I wanted to stop every time some spooks came after me. But, I couldn’t. Just like our protagonists, trapped on their campus, I too, was trapped. The game throws you off the moment you think you have the story figured out. Nothing is what it seems but everything ties together neatly in the end.
Detention relies not on unique mechanics or some new horror element nor fancy graphics – the game is in 2D. But, it truly doesn’t need all that sparks and glitters to impress. That’s how strong the storytelling is. Give it a try, even if you’re not a horror game fan. The game is much more than a cheap scare.

Other recommendations

Besides my three top picks, here are some other games that you could consider checking out as well.

  • Darkest Dungeon (-70%)
  • Dark Wood (-50%)
  • Don’t Starve Together (-60%)
  • Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice (-40%)
  • Outlast II (-75%)
  • Soma (-80%)
  • Yomawari: Night Alone (-75%)

The games above are picked based on how good of a deal they offer. However, they are also great games and I’ve played them all with the exception of Outlast II because I’d like my chair pee-free.

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