Balloons in Fortnite! Here's what you can do with them

by Sammy Chan
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Fortnite is currently in the midst of Season 6. Epic Games don’t look like they intend to stop anytime soon when it comes to bringing more content to the game. In the near future, as you try your chance at a Victory Royale, keep your eyes peeled for balloons in Fortnite! Yep, the developers have decided that the next thing they want are balloons in Fortnite.

No, it’s not a glider skin

Naturally, when we saw balloons, we thought it was probably another glider skin. However, we’re more than glad that we got it completely wrong! Part of Fortnitemares, the balloons are consumable items. On top of that, it seems like you will be able to use more than one at the same time.

balloons in fortnite

Image via Epic Games

According to the screenshot, players can “inflate balloons to defy gravity” plus “add balloons to increase your altitude”. The balloons will function as an item that player can use to traverse the map vertically and adding more will let them go higher. Hopefully, the balloons are free addition and won’t cost any V-Bucks.
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However, we’re not sure if it’s just a consumable or potentially a new “vehicle” type. The latter, though, might be a little far-fetched since they only just rolled out the Quad Crashers. At any rate, the bright colors of the balloon might be a factor during game play. There’s a possibility of players given the ability to pop their opponents’ balloon. Can you imagine sniping someone so high up in the air, sending them spiraling down to their inevitable doom? Now that’s a Victory Royale.
Currently, there’s no date on when balloons in Fortnite will happen but it should be pretty soon. We are basing that assumption on Halloween happening in two days time. Hopefully, we’ll all float down here by then. Once solid details are out, we’ll make sure to update you, stay floaty!

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