FFXIV: New Indigo Whale mount added to Mog Station

by Sammy Chan
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“New optional items available in the Mog Station!”. This phrase gives my pocket a heart attack every time I see it. A new mount, the Indigo Whale, has been added to the Mog Station, among other things. It’s an account-wide two-seater mount! This makes the whale mount the second two-seater mount on the Mog Station. The first one, of course, is Fat Moogle.

Indigo Whale mount and other items

Here’s a list of all the items being with their price

  • Indigo Whale Mount (Account-wide) – USD 29.99
  • Golden Upholstered Interior Wall – USD 5.00
  • Three Golden Upholstered Interior Walls – USD 10.00
  • Golden Kasamatsu Interior Wall – USD 5.00
  • Three Golden Kasamatsu Interior Walls – USD 10.00
  • Ominous Prognosticks (Orchestral Version) Orchestrion Roll – USD 5.00

Will you be getting the mount? If you don’t mind waiting, I’d suggest waiting until a Mog Station sale pops by. Anyways, check out a video of the cute whale above in the demo.

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