Drake invests in esports team with $25M funding

by Sammy Chan
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Grammy-winning artist Drake invests in esports team, 100 Thieves earlier today. Together with Scooter Braun, they are now both co-owners of 100 Thieves following the completion of a round of Series A funding. Though they did not specify the exact amount, it was said that it has raised over $25 million to date. Both of them will serve as strategic advisors. Braun will also be joining the board of directors of the organization.

Drake and Gaming

The news didn’t come off as too much of a surprise. Drake has been actively involving in the gaming scene throughout 2018. Earlier this year, Drake played Fortnite with Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The stream went on to break Twitch’s record for concurrent viewers, crossing the 635,000 mark. While playing with Ninja, Drake briefly expressed his interest in esports. Prior to this new development, Drake had collaborated with 100 Thieves so he could utilize their custom gaming stations for his Scorpion tour

What attracted Drake and Braun to 100 Thieves

While there are other esports companies – 100 Thieves was the one that attracted Drake. Besides being involved in gaming, the company does design and production in-house for apparels.
“He has a clear vision for where esports is going and how to build an amazing brand within it, and that’s why I wanted to bet on him and 100 Thieves,” Scooter Braun says.
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The future of esports

Over the years, esports has grown so much to the point where it’s starting to attract mainstream big shots like Drake, for example. Even former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is an investor of NRG esports. Another former NBA star, Magic Johnson is a co-owner of AXiomatic. They pretty much own Team Liquid, one of the top esports organizations internationally.
With all these big names grabbing a piece of that esports pie, here’s hoping it helps grow the industry to an even bigger scale and eventually, legitimizing esports in the eyes of mainstream parties

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