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by Sammy Chan
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It’s not a phase, Mom!

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Urgh, hormonal children are the worst. Except, they are now in The Sims 4, in their expansion pack that just hit stores, Parenthood. The expansion pack adds a new layer of challenge to children. Before, toddlers and teens act basically the same as adults, with less features available. Now they act like the unique snowflakes that they are, rowdy, emo, clingy– you name it.

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Children in Parenthood now have their own character values to learn in their journey to be better adults. Manners, Responsibility, Emotional Control, Empathy and Conflict Resolution level up individually as they interact with the environment, from helping mommy wash the dishes to writing in their diary. You, as a parent, have a new skill too, Parenting. It defines how efficient you are at keeping peace in your home, and you level it up just like any other skill in the game.
Remember that phase in your childhood that you went through that prevents you from sleeping at night? Yeap, children in Parenthood go through the same phases that make you cringe thinking about it. Anything from being overly-clingy to one of their parents, to severe anger issues can develop in your sims children as they age, and will switch between different phases from time to time.

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The only thing that Parenthood and I have in common are that we both agree that school is stupid. Although that can be accounted to me being childish. Parenthood children will consistently remind you that school is stupid, and that they should be able to skip through and be allowed to go to work like the adult they feel like they are. Although with enough care and nurture, your sims children will slowly but surely start to show improvements in their autonomous behaviour should their character values level up.
I would never have children in real life but the Parenthood expansion is a good (and easier) alternative. Don’t like how your children turned out? A few simple clicks and you’ll never have to see them again. Like with all new expansion packs, expect a few bugs and glitches here and there until everything has been smoothed out. It’s not too bad, although it seems to stress my game a little when running the new expansion.
If you absolutely hate children and have no patience for them in real life, you might want to stay away from this expansion pack. Parenthood combined with other expansion packs can be rather tricky to juggle, especially if you are playing the game legitimately. Motherlode won’t save you from this one. Check out the official trailer and official gameplay trailer.

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