Blizzard Hints New Overwatch Hero!

by Sammy Chan
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Long Lost Specimen About to be Found

It seems like only yesterday that Orisa joined the ranks of Overwatch’s ever-growing hero pool. And here we are again, losing our minds over the exciting sneak peek of the new hero possibly named, Hammond.
Blizzard recently posted a tweet attached with this picture

Image via PlayOverwatch Twitter

This is the first update the Overwatch Universe has received in years about the tragedy on the moon.
As far as as we know, Hammond was one of the specimens that escaped from the Horizon Lunar Colony. But guess who else escaped from the very same Colony?

Image via Overwatch

That’s right! Our favorite peanut-butter loving, glasses-wearing scientist – Winston!
It is safe to assume that this character will shed some light on Winston’s past and just what exactly happened on the moon base all those years ago. Effectively building on the limited lore the Overwatch team has been feeding the community.
We know that the scientists were massacred by an uprising of the other gorillas that were raised in the facility so we had assumed that Winston’s peers were all gorillas. However, in one of the messages sent by a scientist named Zhang, he stated “I don’t know why we ever thought it was a good idea to have smaller test subjects, I completely regret it.”

Image via Overwatch

Implying that Hammond is not going to be a gorilla champion like Winston. Which leaves us with a million other smaller-than-gorilla animals. Thanks Overwatch!
My guess? It’s going to be a chimpanzee with a machine-gun. But I’m hoping it’s a hamster with a rocket launcher.
Visit their website and let us know what you think!

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