SEAGM for Thailand users is now available on ShopeePay, providing digital payment alternatives

by Uma M.
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SEAGM for Thailand users is now available on ShopeePay providing digital payment alternatives. Prior to this, ShopeePay usage within SEAGM was available for Malaysian using the Malaysian Ringgit currency only. As of Thursday, December 2, 2021, ShopeePay service is available to SEAGM users in Thailand using the Thai Baht currency.

Digital payment adoption

As known, ShopeePay is an e-wallet service offered by Shopee that can be used to pay for online transactions within Shopee and also transactions with merchants who accept ShopeePay. In this regard, SEAGM always looks for ways to enable users to easily use its services with more payment options. Now, users in Thailand can go cashless with simple, fast, and secure transactions within minutes.

The transition for SEAGM and ShopeePay

Following its rebranding earlier this year, ShopeePay aims to drive digital payment adoption in Thailand. Following this, the goal is to better the lives of people through technology. With the key commitments to build a long-term sustainable ecosystem, ShopeePay widen its merchant network online and offline with SEAGM and operate in accordance with policies in place to drive the digital economy forward for both countries.

Optimistic about the future

Together with ShopeePay, SEAGM is optimistic about the future of its own E-Commerce platform’s growth. Moreover, the increasing number of users from a new generation of tech-savvy consumers promises to build an integrated ecosystem to bring a convenient and rewarding payment experience for all users.

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