Marvel Super War Ikaris Build & Guide

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Welcome to our Ikaris build and guide for Marvel Super War! You can learn Ikaris’ basic builds and skill rotations through this guide!

Who is Ikaris?

Ikaris is a flexible Marksman/Energy hybrid that can fulfil different roles. Therefore, you can provide what your team needs or adapt to your enemies’ team composition. By building for his Reckoning or Retribution Mode, Ikaris will have a different skill set. Thankfully, you will only have access to one set of abilities depending on which offensive stat you have, Physical Attack or Energy. Thus, you don’t have to remember all 6 of Ikaris’ abilities, only the ones your Mode can use.

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What Does Ikaris Do?

Passive (Eternal Light)

Ikaris' Passive: Eternal Light

Ikaris’ Passive: Eternal Light

First, we need to take a closer look at Ikaris’ Passive. When Ikaris’ dominant stat is Physical Attack, he enters Reckoning Mode. In this mode, using your Cosmic Arrow or Flash Pursuit will give you empowered basic attacks that deal extra splash damage. This is also his default state (since all heroes start with 0 Energy Attack stat).

On the other hand, if his dominant stat is Energy Attack, Ikaris enters Retribution Mode and gains a new set of skills. He also gets an empowered basic attack every few seconds that gives him more burst damage.

In other words, Ikaris can be either a Marksman or an Energy Hero, each with its skillsets. Thus, we will examine his skills in Reckoning Mode (Marksman) first, then Retribution Mode (Energy).

Reckoning Mode (Marksman)

Skill 1: Cosmic Arrow

Ikaris' Reckoning Mode Skill 1: Cosmic Arrow

Ikaris’ Reckoning Mode Skill 1: Cosmic Arrow

Cosmic Arrow is Ikaris’ Reckoning Mode first ability and should be maxed first. It normally gives one empowered basic attack upon hit, but if it hits a hero it gives two empowered attacks instead. The mark also lasts 4 seconds, so you can chase down your target for quite some time. Lastly, each basic attack reduces the cooldown by 1 second.

Skill 2: Flash Pursuit

Ikaris' Reckoning Mode Skill 2: Flash Pursuit

Ikaris’ Reckoning Mode Skill 2: Flash Pursuit

Ikaris’ mobility tool for getting around the field. It always gives two empowered basic attacks, unlike his Skill 1, so it is a reliable means of poke during the early stages. Similar to Cosmic Arrow, each basic attack reduces the cooldown of Flash Pursuit by 1 second.

Skill 3: Prime Shockwave

Ikaris' Reckoning Mode Skill 3: Prime Shockwave

Ikaris’ Reckoning Mode Skill 3: Prime Shockwave

This Ultimate/Skill 3 has a global range. It’s useful for sniping low-health units, even those in other lanes. During the early stages, it’s also a viable means of poke. However, during the later stages, you would gain more value by holding on to it and saving it for stragglers that get away from a team fight.

Retribution Mode (Energy)

Skill 1: Energy Orb

Ikaris' Retributon Mode Skill 1: Energy Orb

Ikaris’ Retribution Mode Skill 1: Energy Orb

Energy Orb is your primary source of damage when playing Retribution Mode Ikaris. Landing this ability on an enemy puts it on a 0.5-second cooldown. Also, landing Energy Orb on a target marks them and you can put more mark stacks with other Energy Orbs, Power Leap (your Skill 2, described below) and your empowered basic attack. You can easily proc your mark by casting Energy Orb > empowered basic attack > Energy Orb. This combo is going to be your primary means of damage and you must be comfortable performing it on command.

Skill 2: Power Leap

Ikaris' Retributon Mode Skill 2: Power Leap

Ikaris’ Retribution Mode Skill 2: Power Leap

Power Leap is the Energy version of Flash Pursuit except it travels slower and the range is shorter. It also deals significant damage in an AoE where he lands. Notably, the cooldown for Power Leap resets whenever you detonate the Energy Orb marks. This is why the combo mentioned above is so important.

Skill 3: Prime Missile

Ikaris' Retributon Mode Skill 3: Prime Missile

Ikaris’ Retribution Mode Skill 3: Prime Missile

Unlike Prime Shockwave, Prime Missile does not have a global range. However, the range is still extremely long, about the same distance from one middle turret to another. It will stun the first enemy hero target it hits, then deal damage in an AoE. The further Prime Missile travels, the longer the duration of the stun. This makes Ikaris a great Middle hero because he can rotate to other lanes and stun enemies from a very long range. You can also use this to stun the enemy hero in your lane to set up your other combos.

Build Path for Ikaris in Marvel Super War

As mentioned above, Ikaris can build as either a Marksman or an Energy hero in Marvel Super War. Therefore, there are item builds dedicated to both playstyles.

Reckoning Mode Build

As a Marksman Ikaris, his role is more linear so there is no need for multiple builds. At first glance, you would think that Attack Speed synergizes well with Ikaris’ Skills because of the cooldown reduction on basic attacks. However, through some testing, attack speed does not feel very good with him. So here is our recommended build for Reckoning Mode Ikaris.

Marvel Super War Ikaris Marksman Build

Ikaris Marksman Build

Nightsword is the best item for the early stages, as it gives you burst damage and synergizes with Ikaris’ skill spamming playstyle. For his boots, there’s no need for Hunting Greaves as Ikaris does not need that much attack speed. Get Hydra or Improved Hydra boots instead. After that, get Silent Hunter and Twilight Blade for more critical hits and burst damage. For the last two items, you can get Double Daggers and Gungnir for more Physical Penetration. Alternatively, if you have difficulty surviving fights, you can buy defensive items like Captain America’s Shield, Immortal Glaive or Titan’s Glory.

Retribution Mode Build

There are a few potential playstyles for Retribution Mode Ikaris such as Top, Middle or Jungle. However, for this guide, we will be focusing on a control-centric Ikaris in the Middle lane. With that said, here is our recommended build for Retribution Mode Ikaris.

Marvel Super War Ikaris Energy Build

Ikaris Energy Build Core Items

First, buy the Casket of Winters for the slowing field. It will help you land your skills immensely. Next, get Rocket Boots. This may seem like an odd choice as people rarely buy Rocket Boots but the extra movement speed out of combat will help you rotate to other lanes and line up those perfect snipes with your Ultimate/Skill 3 (Prime Missile). Then buy Wand of Watoomb and Cosmic Cube for more damage.

Marvel Super War Ikaris Energy Build

Ikaris Energy Build Defensive Items

After your core items, you don’t need more damage. Therefore, your last two item slots should be defensive items. Captain America’s Shield, Deathly Phantom, Megingjord and Eye of Agamotto are all good choices. Pick which ones would help you out the most.

Skill Rotations and Tips

Marksman Ikaris has a simple skill rotation. His rotation should be Flash Pursuit (Skill 2) > two basic attacks > Cosmic Arrow (Skill 1) > two basic attacks. Then basic attack until your abilities come back up. Rinse and repeat as necessary. When someone has low health, you can snipe them with your Prime Shockwave (Ultimate/Skill 3).

Meanwhile, the rotation for Energy Ikaris depends on the situation. The ideal rotation is to snipe your target with Prime Missile (Ultimate/Skill 3) to stun them > Energy Orb (Skill 1) > empowered basic attack > Power Leap > Power Leap. This combo detonates the Energy Orb marks with your first Power Leap cast. That means your Power Leap cooldown gets reset, letting you cast it back to back.

After that, you will be repeating your Energy Orb > empowered basic attack > Energy Orb combo to detonate stacks and reset your Power Leap cooldown. It’s better to avoid basic attacking until you’ve marked an enemy hero with Energy Orb for fear of wasting your empowered basic attack on an unmarked enemy. Your empowered basic attack only contributes a stack if the enemy hero (or minion) is already marked by Energy Orb!

Another tip for playing Energy Ikaris is to approach the enemy from the side of a lane. That way, there are fewer minions in your way and you can land your Energy Orbs easily. Not only that, your Prime Missile makes you a potent ganking hero so make sure to clear your lane quick and rotate often! Even if the enemy side laners back off before you arrive, you can always turn around to target the middle lane enemy instead.

And that’s everything you need to know to play Ikaris. Good luck in your next game!

If you find this Marvel Super War Ikaris build and guide is useful, make sure to keep an eye out for future guides here!

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