Identity V Season 19 Essence 1 Skins

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With Season 19 being ushered into Identity V, so does the new Essence 1 skins. Interestingly, the lore in Season 19 Essence 1 is a direct sequel to the one in Season 18 Essence 3!

Novelist Takes the Show

The star of the show in this Essence is the S-Tier Skin, Novelist – Hollow (Description: Souls as pure as fairytales are but fragile kindness crushed before the night falls.)

In the A-Tier slots, we have Acrobat – Cunning (Description: There aren’t enough heroes around, he thought. Yet vigilante justice is injustice.) and Seer – Poisonfeather (Description: No one’s motive is completely pure. Even the seemingly harmless feathers may contain lethal poison.). There’s even a video showcasing these three skins on the official Chinese Identity V channel on Weibo. But to make things easier for our readers, we included a YouTube mirror below.

Notably, Novelist – Hollow has a cosmetic change to his pen and book, while also having unique particles. The Acrobat – Cunning skin replaces all of his bombs with different coloured daggers, ranging from bronze to black to white. Lastly, the Seer – Poisonfeather has a unique black owl with a single, glowing blue eye.

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Other than that, there are five B-Tier skins within the Essence. These are the five skins that you can find:

Identity V Season 19 Essence 1 B-Tier Skins

Season 19 Essence 1 B-Tier Skins

  • Bloody Queen – Dramaturgy (Description: The music from that night is on infinite replay in her mind.)
  • Embalmer – Duality (Description: He wanted to remain hopeful, yet all he felt was an endless disappointment-as if a switch disabled his ability to feel happy.)
  • The Ripper – Nyctophilliac (Description: Darkness is more comforting than daylight.)
  • Mercenary – Shell Shocked (Description: Haunted by loneliness, fear, anxiety, and disappointment.)
  • Dream Witch – Water Mirage (Description: Someone said that’s nothing but a mirage, a subjective creation.)

How to Earn the New Identity V Season 19 Essence 1 Skins

Identity V Season 19 Essence 1 Contents

The three chase items in Season 19 Essence 1

To get the skins listed above, all you have to do is open the Season 19 Essences (specifically, Essence 1). There are two sources of Essences in the game: buying Essences with Inspiration (light bulbs) or earning them through the Logic Path rewards track. One Essence (of any kind) costs 96 Inspiration to buy. If you don’t have enough Inspiration, you can buy more by using Echoes. They are usually bought with Echoes at a 1:1 ratio, but sometimes you might randomly get offers for a better rate through Lantern Deals.

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Open enough Essences and you’ll be able to earn guaranteed A-Rank and even S-Rank skins! On top of that, you can also earn unique portraits of the A-Rank and S-Rank skins. Here’s a closer look at them

Identity V Season 19 Essence 1 Portraits

Get unique portraits by opening Essences

Here are all the extra rewards that you can get, as well as the number of Essences you need to open to get them:

  • 250 Essences Opened: Guaranteed S-Rank Season 19 Essence 1 Skin
  • 180 Essences Opened: (Portrait) Novelist – Hollow
  • 130 Essences Opened: (Portrait) Seer – Poisonfeather
  • 80 Essences Opened: (Portrait) Acrobat – Cunning
  • 60 Essences Opened: Guaranteed A-Rank Season 19 Essence 1 Skin

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