Resident Evil 8 will Include Fan-Favorite Mode “The Mercenaries”

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Resident Evil 8, also known as Village, will include the fan-favorite “The Mercenaries” mode. This information came to light during the Capcom Resident Evil Village showcase alongside the demo announcement.

What is Resident Evil 8 “The Mercenaries”?

The Mercenaries is a beloved fast-paced action-packed extra game mode from the Resident Evil series, now coming to Resident evil 8. It is a popular game mode prominent in Resident Evil 5 and 6. Additionally, Mercenaries was a key gameplay mode in the franchise’s spinoff, “Revelations 2”. However, it would not appear in Resident Evil 7 or the Remake titles.

resident evil village mercenaries

The Mercenaries Explained

Put simply, The Mercenaries has one simple rule: reach the goal before the time runs out. But to do that you need to defeat the enemies in each area. The better you do, the higher your score. You can find bonus time orbs within each area to give you more time to take down creatures.

resident evil 8 mercenaries

There are some changes in RE8’s iteration of “Mercenaries” compared to the previous titles. Firstly, the game is now fully in a first-person perspective, giving the player more immersion. Secondly, there is now a “shop” that players can access in between levels, allowing players room to breathe and to stock up. Abilities are now slightly different from past versions of the game mode. They are now more towards altering stats such as movement speed and damage.

The difficulty ramps up with every stage, so you’ll have to brush up your skills, hammer out those plans, and fight until the last stage. A special reward is waiting for people who finish the final stage.

Resident Evil 8 (Village) is the second mainline game in the franchise to adopt a FPP view. It adds a variety of new enemies and engaging drama to continue Ethan Winter’s storyline from Resident Evil 7. Get PlayStation Store gift cards to save more on Resident Evil 8 and enjoy up to 600 SEAGM Credit cashback for a limited time only!

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