Win A OnePlus 8T Phone: KaraKing Community Tournament PUBG Mobile

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Win a brand-new OnePlus 8T phone by participating in the PUBG Mobile KaraKing Community Tournament. The event will take place in PUBG Mobile’s official Discord server. Players will play against other members of the community on the new map Karakin. The overall top seven participants will win prizes based on how well they use the key features of the map.

The focus of the tournament is to utilize the key features of the map such as Sticky Bombs, the Demolition Zone, and Thin Wall Penetration. There is no registration process, so those interested must take note of updates in the Discord server’s #event tab.

The details of the KaraKing Community Tournament are as below:

  • Server: Asia (April 21) & North America (April 22)
  • Map: Karakin Game
  • Mode: Classic
  • Team Mode: Solo
  • Perspective: TPP
  • Platform: Mobile

Further details on the tournament will be announced at the following times:

April 21: Asia Server
First Match 1: 13:00 UTC
Second Match 2: 14:00 UTC
Third Match 3: 15:00 UTC

April 22: North America Server
First Match 1: 22:00 UTC
Second Match 2: 23:00 UTC
Third Match 3: 00:00 UTC

OnePlus 8T Phone and Other Prizes

The top seven performing players will receive prizes based on how well they utilize Karakin’s features. Players will need to know the best tips and tricks for Karakin in order to win the grand prize. Aside from a brand new OnePlus 8T phone, players can also receive the following prizes:

Grand Prize: OnePlus 8T
Second Place: Permanent Duat Pathfinder Set
Third Place: Permanent Duat Pathfinder Set
Fourth Place: Classic Crate Coupon (5x)
Fifth Place: Classic Crate Coupon (5x)
Sixth Place: Classic Crate Coupon (5x)
Seventh Place: Classic Crate Coupon (5x)

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