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by Aly Damil
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In 2022, Kaleoz – the trusted global digital marketplace and part of the SEAGM ecosystem, launched their own VTuber named Kelly. Let’s get to know more about Kelly and the person behind the VTuber – Reeja.

Who is Reeja?

Reeja is a Video Content Editor from SEAGM, and has been with the organization for almost five years now. She considers herself more of a practical person as she picks up practical skills pretty quickly. Outside of work, she enjoys playing video games and cosplaying.

To Reeja, improving on what she does is one of the milestones she has at work. She believes that there is always room for improvement. Hence, she makes sure to continuously learn and challenge herself to help her enhance the skills that she has.


Kelly’s Debut

Last year when Kaleoz launched Kelly on YouTube and TikTok, Reeja wasn’t expecting it to work so well. 

According to her, “I made Kelly with the intention of jumping in the VTuber craze. I wasn’t really expecting it to work so well, but it did. And it is really nice that we have been receiving positive feedback towards Kelly.”

“I’m happy for Kelly. I’m happy to see that she receives a lot of positive feedback. That there are people who are generally interested in her and asking for streams. Overall, I really feel pretty good about Kelly’s success,” Reeja added.

“I take pride in my work. Not only that I make sure they are good enough to our audience, but also to my own standards. One of the reasons why I want to continue honing and improving my skills is to be able to create more video content that our audience would love.”

It’s been months since Kaleoz launched Kelly as their VTuber, thanks to Reeja. She is continuously gaining the love from the people, especially on TikTok. Let’s look forward to Kelly’s future activities and fun content!

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