PUBG Mobile x Boboiboy | Special Deals on SEAGM: up to 12% off from 17th – 23rd Feb

by Yong Chi Winn
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PUBG Mobile has kicked off their latest collaboration yet, Boboiboy. An animated cartoon TV series that many of us remembered during our childhood days.

The latest collaboration will include in-game cosmetics in PUBG that are of course based of the theme of the show.

The Duration of the even begins on 17th February until the 23rd February

There are 2 in-game skins that you can obtain 1 by playing the game and another by purchasing it with UC which are:-

  • Elemental Burst Set (FREE)
  • Shadow Reign Set (UC)

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Elemental Burst Set

The aesthetics of the Elemental Burst Set takes inspiration from Boboiboy as a grown up, and the design and re-imagine it form an alternate Universe

To obtain the Elemental Burst Set, players must complete the following task to permanently unlock it :-

  • Complete 5 Matches- FREE Elemental Burst Headgear
  • Get Top 5 in 7 games – FREE Elemental burst Suit

Shadow Reign Set

On the other hand, the looks on the Shadow Reign Set is based of Fang from the series. In order to obtain it , players will have to spend Ocean crystal which can be purchased from the store.

The cost of the Shadow Reign Set is:-

Shadow Reign Headgear (Permanent) – 25 Ocean Crystal
Shadow Reign Suit (Permanent) – 40 Ocean Crystal

1 Ocean Crystal is 20 UC; 65 Ocean Crystals is 1300 UC”

Players can also purchase the Boboiboy voicepack! Which contains 50 voicelines from the original cast of the animated series including Boboiboy, Fang and Adu Du.

The Price of each voicepack costs 20 Ocean Crystals
Which means purchasing all of them will set you back a total of 2000 UC

For those that reminisce in the animated series, this is surely one of the collaborations to look out for.

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