Razer Pay crashed due to high traffic and abuse

by Sammy Chan
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Razer Pay launched in Malaysia last week and has since been greeted with the warmest ‘Malaysian greeting’. However, a few days after launch Razer Pay crashed due to high traffic. This, of course, has everything to do with their first-time sign-up promotion that gave away MYR 10 credit.

Berjaya getting “hip” with Razer

If you don’t know what or who Berjaya is, you might want to Google them. A brief introduction, Berjaya is a multi-corporate company. They own Malaysia’s 7 Eleven, Starbucks and many foods and beverage franchise. Soon enough Razer has teamed up with the multi-million company to engage in Razer Pay which was formerly known as One2Pay.

First impression

Razer started out strong by introducing the Razer Pay with giving out MYR 10 for the first-time sign-up. We can see that they are trying to attract users by injecting their marketing campaign with the nation’s current issue. Since they are directing any amount spent at any Berjaya outlet to the country’s trust fund, this resonated well amongst citizens of Malaysia. I for one, strongly agree with contributing to Tabung Harapan. Paired with the free credit promo, the application now has over 100,000 downloads.
Razer Pay Crashed

Customer experience?

Personally, I’m all for going cash-less and I do prefer making payments with cards over cash. However, there are many convenient stores locally that still don’t support or accept debit cards.
As soon as I found out that I can redeem the MYR 10 upon installation, I went to the nearest 7-Eleven to give it a go. Picking out something as simple as two cans of sodas and two packs of chips, I waddled my way to the counter and whipped out my phone. Turns out, the cashier on shift at that time wasn’t sure how to proceed with processing my payment. She ended up calling the store manager twice.
It seems like they weren’t readily trained to handle the addition of Razer Pay as a payment system. I definitely wasn’t the only one who encounter this problem. Many users had voiced out getting rejected at stores in multiple locations just ’cause the person-on-shift didn’t know what to do.
Another issue was, my purchase in total exceed the credit amount, totaling up to MYR 11.20. The system couldn’t process the MYR 10 credit and let user top up the excess with cash. In this case, I couldn’t pay the additional MYR 1.20 with cash even if I had it. This is a little inconvenient and hopefully, they will add on a feature that allows the consumer a choice to pay with cash when they overspend.

Overwhelming redemption on Razer Pay

Razer Pay hit the jackpot by hitting their 500,000 sign-ups milestone in the span of six days. But, this was a bit too overwhelming apparently. On July 9, the Razer Pay Support has decided to stop giving out bonus credits. This is due to all the heavy traffic they have received and some users abusing the system.

Razer Pay Crashed

A user expressed her concerns for unable to download the freebies.

Abuse for free money

Razer Pay Crashed

Hoarder alert!

While I was scrolling around Facebook I saw this from a local gaming group. Freebies are great for sure but abusing the company’s goodwill for your own benefit really doesn’t help. This especially discourages bigger companies to launch their product in Malaysia and give us a good promotion since we constantly show that we have no ethics when it comes to freebies. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone but sadly, a few apples are enough to ruin the whole basket.
If you’re not fluent in Bahasa, this is what the screenshot translate to:
“I tried to download (the app) multiple times but it has upgraded its system to detect user by phone number. I now use my family’s phones to download this app. Somehow the cashier (from 7Eleven) isn’t very fond of me because I used it many times in the same store. The system is free, we should be able to use it.”
That is some serious entitled thinking right there. It’s not progressive.

My point of view

Razer has made a great move by marketing it on Tabung Harapan. There were a few drawbacks, however. Razer Pay crashed since they didn’t anticipate the high traffic, for one. Secondly, it didn’t seem like the staffs in supported outlets were readily trained for this addition.
Most importantly, we really need to stop abusing free stuff and act like we’re entitled to everything. It doesn’t help the progression of our country and society as a whole. We rejoiced when the government changed because we want to be better but really, the change starts in you and me. As for the user above questioning their integrity in directing their funds towards Tabung Harapan, the fault is with us as consumers. The promotion was removed due to the abuse. Yes, they should make a better system but we really shouldn’t have abused it as well.

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