Mobile Star League: Week one day two MSL schedule with predictions

by Sammy Chan
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The first day of Mobile Star League is done and over with! Here’s your day two MSL schedule alongside the predictions from us. Did your favorite team make it through yesterday and get a point? Let us know who you’re rooting for! Matches will start at 8 PM as well on July 11.

Match One @ 8 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
Going into the tournament, Bigetron was easily a top tiered team even by casters’ standard. However during their last match of the day with RRQ yesterday, the team didn’t seem quite themselves. Also, for some reason, one of their power-player, LY4 wasn’t even playing. Despite the loss, they still put up a pretty good fight. Team Solid Gaming, on the other hand, gave over two easy wins to Resurgence. But, to be fair, there was apparently a connection issue getting in the way. So was that the cause of their performance? We’ll see today. Otherwise, Bigetron will get their chance to bounce back today and get the win.

Match Two @ 8:45 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
RRQ came on big time yesterday during their match against Bigetron, dominating them with a 2-0 win. EVOS fought really well against IDNS TH too. They had a huge lead during the first game but made a mistake and gave up both matches. If they could learn from their blunders from yesterday, they might just prove to be a worthy opponent for RRQ. Still, based on yesterday’s performance, we’re going to give this one to RRQ.

Match Three @ 9:30 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
Resurgence was another team and showed up huge on day one. They won both their matches against TSG. The second match was a spectacle. RSG showed everyone what they were capable of with 22 kills to just three from TSG. As for MYA, the Malaysian team seems like they are still on the verge of trying to gel with their new teammates after losing both matches to ASYN yesterday. Resurgence will very likely win this one.
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Match Four @ 10:15 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
This is definitely the match of the day with two top teams going head to head. The Air Asia Saiyans dominated their opponent in game one last night. MYA though, put up a good fight during the second match but eventually lost after a beautiful team fight from the Saiyans. IDNS TH won both very close matches against EVOS yesterday. Both due to mistakes from EVOS. I mean, did you see that backdoor Bane on game two? As a Malaysian, I have to say I’m rooting for my homeboys from ASYN to take this match.

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