Raikou Electrifying the month of August!

Get ready for an electrifying month in August as Pokemon GO’s Field Research will be focusing on Electric-themed challenges. Best of all the reward for August will be one of the Legendary Beast which is Raikou. Scheduled to start on 1 August 1:00 pm PDT. Trainers across the world will be able to begin their quest to obtain this Legendary Beast.

The Field Research started back in April by rewarding trainers with Moltress. Later we had Zapdos and Articuno in the following months. But many trainers were quite disappointed in July’s reward which was a Snorlax. As it was the first reward which was not a Legendary Pokemon. Now fans will have a positive reaction towards August with Raikou.


How to obtain Raikou?

Screengrab via Pokemon GO

For those who are new, you may not know about the Field Research quest. Completing a task each day gives you a stamp. By obtaining enough stamps to earn a Research Breakthrough, you will have an opportunity to catch your very own Raikou.

Spinning a PokeStop provides you with a random daily mission. These missions may vary from catching a pokemon, battling a raid, hatch an egg, and many more.

To get a Research Breakthrough, you will need to complete a week’s worth of task. This means every 7 days awards you the chance to catch a Raikou.


The Legendary Beast, Raikou!

Screengrab via PokemonDB

Introduced in Generation 2, Raikou is an Electric-type Pokemon. Together with Entei and Suicune, it is among the Legendary Beasts which was resurrected by Ho-Oh after the burning of the Brass Tower. Raikou is well known as the Thunder Pokemon is said to represent the lightning strike which ignited the fire that consumed the Brass Tower.

Raikou’s move list in Pokemon GO:

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EPS – Energy Per Second, is an indicator, assigned to fast moves, to look at how quick the fast move can fill the energy bar spent on charge move.

DPS – Damage Per Second, is an indicator to look at how powerful and efficient the move is to beat another Pokemon in gym battles. The higher the DPS, the more powerful the move is.

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