[Free Game] Guns of Icarus Alliance

by Yong Chi Winn
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From the game, Guns of Icarus Online comes Guns of Icarus Alliance. But instead of a player vs. player environment, Alliance features co-op player vs. environment experiences. Included with more lore and gunship battles.

What is Guns of Icarus Alliance

What originally started from an online gunship action game, Guns of Icarus Alliance expands on the universe of Guns of Icarus Online. This game brings airship battles and steampunk together. Experience the ultimate co-op game with your friends. There’s lots to do on the ships. Load in with your friends and take on the role of pilots, gunners and engineer. Communication is key to victory. Work with your friends because you’re not going to be able to win this alone.
Enemies include AIs that will learn and adapt against your tactics so don’t think you’ll be able to win easily against them. You can set the difficulty of the AIs so the gameplay won’t be stagnant. There are many missions to choose from, some of these include escorting VIPs, convoy raids and base raiding.
And once you’re ready you’ll have the option to pit your crew against another player crew. Not only that, but with every victory you sway the tides of war towards your chosen faction. This game is fairly customizable. You can build, upgrade and design your airship so you can ride into battle with your own style. If this sounds like the game for you, go download it now! It’s free but only for a limited time!


Steam – 7/10 (295 review)
Metacritic – 64%

IGN – 7.3/10

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